Do Ferrets Know Their Name?

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Ferrets have been domesticated for hundreds of years. Over recent years though, with technology, everyone can learn how to care for a ferret. However, do ferrets know their name and do they come when called?

One of the most fascinating things about pets is their ability to know the names we give them. I mean, given that they rarely understand our language, it is intelligent of ferrets. In this article, we shall look at whether ferrets can their names or other tricks when we teach them.

Do ferrets know their name? Ferrets do learn their names

In the exemption of deaf ferrets, others are likely to learn their name at some point. In fact, others will tell by the end of the day that they have names already. You can observe your ferret looking at you whenever you call his name.

At the same time, some ferrets may need a little push. You can use treats to train your ferret to respond to his name although I do not find it necessary.

If you have two ferrets, you will be surprised as they will each learn their names. It takes some effort and time before a ferret is sure that you are addressing them by their respective names. Below, I will outline some of the methods you can use to train your ferret their names.

Do ferrets know their name? Can I train my ferrets their names?

Having your pet know his name is important. It is the best and most effective way to get your ferret’s attention. However, as with every other form of training, it is also going to take some time.

Use positive reinforcement to enhance the training. For instance, hold a piece of a treat in your hand and call your ferret’s name. Your voice is a distraction enough but offering him the treat will associate the name with yummy snacks.

Well, repeat this as many times as it will take for your ferret to start responding to his name without the treats. However, as I have mentioned above, ferrets are among the most intelligent pets you can have in your home.

Is it possible to train a ferret?

Over the years, we have mastered the art of training our cats and dogs out of undesirable behaviors. Well, guess what, you can be able to train your ferret out of a behavior. And what’s more, you can train your ferret whatever tricks that you want.

Below, I am going to briefly discuss some of the most common tricks, commands, and behaviors that you can teach your ferret.

You can train your ferret to stop biting

As with puppies, ferrets also tend to bite and mouth everything. In most cases, your ferret does not mean to hurt you when he bites you. It could be that he wants to play and that’s the best he can do to get your attention.

However, nipping can become such an annoying behavior in ferrets. It becomes impossible to pet or play gently with your ferret. Well, if you are having a problem trying to contain your ferret, then you need to train him on how to stop biting.

Now, you will need to put your ferret back in his cage once he bites you. Wait a few minutes and let him out to play once more. If your ferret does not bite, offer him a treat. Of course, this will take some time before your ferret fully understands that biting is prohibited.

However, you should not make it feel like you are punishing your ferret as you do so. Beware of ferrets who bite when they are frightened. Ensure that your furry buddy is well socialized.

How to use a litter box

Training a ferret to use a litter box is essential. It makes it quite easy for you to manage ferret waste and keep your house clean. Well, it is not always an easy task but you can litter train your ferret. Younger ferrets are likely to learn how to use a litter box a little faster than older ones.

If you have recently brought a new ferret home, you will need to begin litter training as soon as possible. However, your ferret will choose where he wants to go. Ensure that you have the right kind of litter box; one with a lower side.

Place the litter box in your ferret’s cage, particularly the same position he chose earlier. You can put some poop in the litter box to let your ferret know what it is to be used for.

Also, encourage your ferret to use the litter box by placing him there every morning and after each nap. Reward him with a treat or verbal praises each time he uses the litter box appropriately. Eventually, your ferret will learn how to use the box naturally.

How to sit/stay

As I indicated above, ferrets are very intelligent. They are capable of knowing their name, the voice of their owners and most of all, you can introduce new tricks to your ferret. A good example of these tricks is training a ferret on how to sit down.

Well, you will need the treatment to be able to pull off this trick. First, ensure that your ferret has sniffed the treat and then hold it high above his head.

Your ferret will try to reach for the treat and his body will lean backward. Tell your ferret to sit as he leans back and his behind is on the ground. Immediately offer your ferret the treat and reassure him of his efforts.


If you have a couple of ferrets, I am sure you have already observed how intelligent these pets can be. However, it makes it more interesting when you spend time training your ferrets. This way, you can train them with different tricks.

Unless your ferret is unfortunately deaf, most ferrets will know their name after several days. They will even look at you whenever you call out their name even without training them anything.

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