Does Ferret Poop Smell? Find The Answer Here

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Ferrets are usually associated with a certain foul smell. With proper care, however, you can be able to alleviate odor from your house. For instance, letting ferret poop stay in the litter box could be why his cage stinks. In this article, we are going to look at everything you need to know about ferret poop smell and Does Ferret Poop Smell

Before I go on, I must mention that the smell of your ferret’s poop will depend on the food you feed him. Also, you need to monitor any changes in the smell and texture of ferret poop. I mean, it could help you identify an illness in its early stages.

Is ferret poop supposed to smell?

Owning a pet means that you are going to have to deal with poop. Well, you might as well observe the texture and color of the poop while at it. In normal circumstances, a ferret’s poop will have a texture similar to that of toothpaste.

However, it will depend on the type of food you are giving your ferret. For instance, if you have been feeding him dry commercial food and you suddenly notice a change in his poop, consider changing it to wet and easily digestible food.

Well, some of the changes in a ferret’s poop could include the following:

Stringy poop

When your ferret’s poop gets all stringy, it could be that he has swallowed hairballs. in other cases, a ferret could have intestinal blockage. If he seems to be in pain or straining to poop, I suggest you check in with your vet immediately.

Greenish soft stool

Have you noticed greenish diarrhea in your ferret’s litter box? Well, you should not take this lightly as it means that your ferret is ill. Some of the conditions associated with greenish diarrhea include gastrointestinal disease and ECE.

Black tarry stool

This is an indication of ulceration of the stomach walls. However, you should take your ferret to the vet for a conclusive diagnosis.

Sticky poop that appears bubbly

A ferret with sticky bubbly stool is a sick ferret. In most instances, it has always been misdiagnosed as an intestinal blockage when it is more of an infection. Well, if your ferret eliminates dark and sticky stool with bubbles, it is time to contact your vet.

Bloody poop

Bloody poop is an indication of a serious condition. Thus, you should seek medical attention immediately.

Ferret poop smells like rotten eggs

I mentioned that ferrets have anal glands that secrete a certain foul smell. Well, most ferret owners will have the anal glands surgically removed to curb the ferret odor. Now, if your ferret’s poop smells like rotten eggs (resembling the smell of sulfur) you could be dealing with a serious illness.

In most cases, ferrets with awful smelling poop are diagnosed with the ferret viral infection better known as Epizootic Carrtahal Enteritis (ECE).

ECE is a serious illness, and sadly among the most common illnesses in ferrets. It is a highly contagious ferret disease that is spread through mere physical contact with an infected ferret or household pet. The causal agent of the ECE disease is the coronavirus.

It is commonly as a result of bringing a new ferret or pet in the house. This illness is also referred to as the Green Slime Disease. It is because it is characterized by greenish diarrhea that can get fatal in a matter of days.

The signs and symptoms of the ECE

The very first signs you will notice in a ferret suffering from ECE include greenish diarrhea. It could start 2 -4 days from the day of infection, and it is chronic. As a result, you will start noticing your severe weight loss within the first week.

Besides, the greenish sticky diarrhea will also have a rotten egg smell. You should not hesitate to take your ferret to your local vet. Fortunately, this illness is treatable. baby ferrets tend to heal faster as compared to adult ferrets.

Given that these diseases can be fatal, you should take your ferret to the vet immediately you spot any of these signs.

Seedy Ferret Poop

As I mentioned above, the normal texture of ferret poop resembles that of toothpaste. However, it could change form depending on what you feed him, as I mentioned earlier on. Well, what if your ferret poop has a grainy appearance?

Several theories could explain seedy ferret poop. For instance, if you have not changed your ferret’s diet, seedy poop could indicate that your ferret is stressed. Stress is one of the causes of grainy ferret poop, even though not a common perpetrator.

On the other hand, seedy ferret poop could be an indication of a medical problem. Gastrointestinal disease is likely to cause black seedy ferret poop. However, you will need a vet to confirm that your ferret is suffering from this disease.

Symptoms of Gastrointestinal disease in ferrets

If your ferret has been pooping seedy waste, watch him closely. You should be able to notice other symptoms of gastrointestinal illness. Some of the other signs of this illness include lethargy, vomiting, severe weight loss and loss of appetite.

Your vet will be able to examine, diagnose and treat your ferret of this disease. However, this should be done after close examination and laboratory tests.

If your ferret is eliminating seedy poop because he is stressed, I suggest you check on his living conditions. New ferrets can get stressed before they get to settle and adapt to the new environment. Try and make his cage as comfortable as you can to reduce the stress levels.

Ferret straining to poop

A bowel movement should be a normal, easy process for every organism. However, due to different reasons, your ferret could experience constipation. It brings about serious difficulties in bowel movement, not to mention extreme pain.

If your ferret is struggling to poop, it is painful and he might even cry out loudly. Some ferrets are scared of going to their litter box as a result of the pain. Well, for this reason, constipation is not to be ignored, especially if it is accompanied by bloody stool.

So what causes ferret to experience constipation?

Constipation can be a result of dry ferret food and at the same time a result of chronic illnesses such as ulcers and gastrointestinal disease. It is because the gastrointestinal disease is likely to cause inflammatory bowel disease. Now, this is going to make it extremely difficult and painful for your ferret.

Also, your ferret has likely suffered internal trauma of the colon, leading to bloody stool. Well, if your ferret is straining to poop, it is about time you went to your vet for a checkup. The vet will examine and probably run a few lab tests to determine the cause of the strain.

What should I do to alleviate the ferret poop smell?

Now, emptying the ferret litter box should be at the top of your to-do list, not only does it help remove the ferret smell from your house but it is also hygienic for your ferret. If you have two ferrets, it is only fair to keep these boxes clean as much as you can. I mean, it is safer when your ferrets do not come into contact with each other’s poop. It will limit the spread of any parasites or viruses.

However, I will not be the first to mention that ferrets have a natural musky smell. It can be pretty strong especially if your ferret feels a little bit threatened. While it disappears within a few minutes, it can make it quite uncomfortable for you and everyone in the household.

Most ferret owners have had their ferrets descended as well as sterilized. Male unneutered ferrets tend to have a stronger scent than the fixed ferrets. Well, you can also have a tour vet to enhance his anal glands to minimize the ferret odor.

Steps to minimize ferret odor in the house

Well, if your ferret is perfectly healthy, there is no need to worry. You can use a few of the following steps to eliminate the strong musky ferret smell from your house completely;

Does Ferret Poop Smell

Train your ferret how to use a litter box

From the first day you bring your ferret home, you should start litter training him immediately. Luckily for you, it is not going to be difficult to litter train a ferret since they are intelligent. Let him choose a place to poop before installing the ferret litter tray.

Once he eliminates, you will now know his chosen area to poop. Put a part of his waste in his litter tray to let him know that he should poop in the tray. Well, it will take a few days before he can start using it appropriately. Use treats to reward your ferret for using the litter tray.

Once he starts to eliminate appropriately, you can always empty the litter trays. It is easy to clean and keep your house from smelling of ferret poop. Besides, it is only fair to keep him in a friendly environment.

Clean his cage weekly

How to Clean Your Ferret’s Cage. Use this Method

Pick a day from your busy schedule to cater for your ferret. Clean his cage thoroughly, with disinfectants and rinse well with water. Do not forget to clean his beddings and also change the litter. This way, your ferret will enjoy a clean environment, and it will also minimize the spread of contagious illnesses.

Clean your ferret’s food and water bowls every few days

Ensure that your ferret lives in a clean environment. Also, clean his food and water bottles every 2-3 days. Having dirty and messy food bowls could also contribute to unpleasant smells in the house. Well, it is also hygienic to eat from a clean bowl, isn’t it?

Purchase an air purifier

Well, if you are having trouble eliminating the ferret smell from the house, you can use an air purifier. Ensure that it does not give off too much heat to affect your ferret. Place it slightly above his cage so that you can get rid of the musky smell.

In conclusion

Ferret poop does smell. However, having a foul smell, similar to that of rotten eggs is not a normal gesture. It is rather an indication that all is not well with your ferret. You should call your vet if you notice any changes in the color, smell and texture of his waste. While some of the illnesses behind this problem are manageable, they could be fatal if you do not notice and treat them as early as possible.

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