Our Ferret Care Guide

curious ferret outdoors

We have decided to stop selling the Ferret Care Guide due to Crittertips.com’s recent acquisition of ferretproblems.com and to focus more on content creation on Crittertips.com.

The goal is to create content covering all aspects of ferret care, including health, nutrition and hygiene recommendations as well as behavioral tips and tricks. This shift will require significant resources, but by combining the acquired ferretproblems.com website with Crittertips.com, we hope to be a leading resource for anyone looking for help in caring for their pets.

Crittertips.com now contains an enlarged collection of specialized ferret-related resources that allows users to find exactly what they are looking for quickly and easily.

By leveraging a subject matter expert’s knowledge, the website can give visitors a deeper understanding of their pet’s unique needs while systematically delivering more relevant, meaningful and valuable content than ever before.

We believe that this shift will result in improved user experience, creating new opportunities within the pet industry away from simply selling products and helping people become informed consumers who have access to reliable sources of information on all things related to their pet care needs – Ferrets especially!

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