Do Ferrets Like To Cuddle?

Elderly woman with her pet ferret

Ferrets are adorable and friendly pets. In fact, not only do they make great pets but they have become the third most popular pets. While we enjoy taking care of pets, we cannot help but share the same sentiments when it comes to these furry ferrets. This article will analyze whether ferrets like to cuddle.

And if they do, why do they want to cuddle with their owners? Ferrets can cuddle. However, this does not mean that all ferrets love to cuddle. Some ferrets can only allow you to touch them for a minute or two.

Why do ferrets like to cuddle?

Now, ferrets do not particularly like to cuddle. However, it all goes back to how he has been brought up. Overall, ferrets are very playful and friendly towards their human owners. If you have a strong bond with your ferret, you can notice him seeking your attention from time to time.

baby ferrets are not exactly big on cuddling. However, after a few months when they have developed, you can gradually initiate cuddling. Has your ferret been taught how to cuddle?

Sadly, if you get an adult ferret who has never cuddled with a human before, he might be afraid of it. However, those who are used to cuddling with people will come to you for different reasons.

Ferrets cuddle;

  • When they are extremely exhausted, perhaps from play
  • Older ferrets who have been taught to cuddle will love snuggling with you
  • Other ferrets just love cuddling with humans

Well, when you bring a ferret home, you must be aware that they love human interaction. And for that reason, you need to send aside some playtime with your ferrets.

Note that ferrets who have been poorly socialized may not cuddle with you at first. You will need to invest some time to build trust with him.

How long can you cuddle your ferret?

Well, this is quite a complex question to be answered straight away. Well, some ferrets can withstand cuddling while others cannot stand it at all. Therefore, I cannot tell you that you will have 10 or 15 minutes with him. It is possible for your ferret to snuggle up with you and even fall asleep.

To answer this question, I would have to ask you if your ferret is accustomed to cuddling. If yes, you will only have to build trust with him. He must like you and trust you a lot to let you snuggle with him.

If your ferret has not been properly socialized, it could take some time. Later in this article, I will outline some tips that could help you introduce your ferret to cuddling. You must set aside some time to spend with your ferret playing and exercising.

Note that it is not guaranteed that he will accept to cuddle with you. However, with persistence, you will be able to make him get accustomed to the idea. Some ferrets will only accept you to cuddle them for a very short duration before they get uncomfortable and runoff.

How do I introduce my ferret to cuddling?

Have you been wondering if you can introduce your ferret to cuddling? Well, the good news is that you can teach your ferret how to cuddle. The best news is that I will show you how to do so in a few minutes. At the same time, I must say that this is going to be a very gradual process.

So, how do you get started when looking to teach a ferret how to cuddle?

Be patient and persistent

Now, when you set out to teach your ferret how to cuddle, patience and persistence are going to be your virtues. Even if your ferret knows how to cuddle, he is definitely not going to snuggle up the first day.

The key to teaching a ferret any tricks is to be patient. You must establish trust with your furry friend before he can feel comfortable cuddling with you.

If your ferret has not been cuddled before, then you must introduce it to him gradually. As I have mentioned above, winning his trust is key. The first few days in your house can be tough for a ferret. Therefore, he can seem distant and disinterested in human interaction.

You should start by playing with him, feeding him food and even treats. This will show your ferret that you are not only a playmate but you care for him.

This can take some time depending on your ferret’s character. At the same time, how much time you spend with your ferret will also determine your relationship.

Pet your ferret gently

Now, once you have established a relationship with your ferret, he can let you come close to him. You should always have healthy treats for your ferret at all times. These are not only helpful for rewarding your ferret but also help create a strong bond with him.

Petting a ferret is quite different from petting a cat or a dog. I must warn you that if at all the petting is irritating to your ferret. If he does not find it appealing, he will want to get away.

So how exactly should you pet a ferret? While not all ferrets are used to human interaction, it is important that they get it. Your ferret is going to like soft strokes on top of his head. Well, irritating petting such as playing with his whiskers can be painful and irritating for him.

Do not let children handle your ferret as they can be quite rough. The point of petting your ferret is to make them feel loved and attended to. Inflicting pain is quite the opposite and can make your ferret dislike or fear you.

I mean, if your ferret is afraid or somewhat dislikes associating with you, it is impossible to make him cuddle with you.

Provide a lot of stimulation

All household pets require a lot of stimulation, both mental and physical stimulation. When a ferret is under-exercised, he might become irritable. And an irritated ferret will not want to cuddle with you at all.

There are plenty of toys that you can get for your ferret. (See our recommendations here) Go for stimulating toys such as tubes and tunnels or puzzles. These will come with different difficulty levels. And because ferrets are intelligent, they will spend hours trying to figure these toys out. This is a great provision for mental stimulation.

On the other hand, you should get your ferret out of the cage for at least four hours a day. During this time, engage him in stimulating exercises. You can let him chase you around a ferret-proofed area of the house. They love this game.

Alternatively, you can use playtime to teach your ferret to climb stairs. It is a great source of physical stimulation as well.

The reason I insist on providing enough stimulation for your ferret is that if your ferret is in a bad mood, he might not want to cuddle.

Take care of your ferret to keep him happy

If you are looking forward to some cuddling time, then you must play your part. You must ensure that your ferret is happy at all times. As I have described above, exercising and mental stimulation. However, this is not all.

You must take some time to clean after your ferret. And note that these pets can get messy with their food. Well, having food and water spill in the cage can bring about a stench. I suggest you start cleaning his cage often, preferably once a week.

Also, do not forget to scoop his litter box and also change it weekly. You will need to change his beddings every 2-3 days to keep his cage clean and free of odor.

Cleaning and grooming your ferret is a major activity when it comes to bonding with your ferret.

Start small

If your ferret has not been introduced to cuddling, you can do it. However, as I mentioned earlier, this should be a very gradual process. He must be comfortable snuggling with you. Until then, initiate physical contact gradually. Start by petting your ferret gently, and let him go whenever he seems uneasy.

You can always reward your ferret with a tasty treat for letting you touch him. As time goes on, your ferret will get comfortable resting on your laps. Well, it is not possible to say exactly how long it will take to get him to snuggle with you.

You can help him adjust to cuddling by using your worn shirt as his beddings. He is going to get accustomed to your scent and associate it with comfort. This should help ease things when you pick or cuddle up with your furry buddy.


Does your ferret like to cuddle? It takes a strong bond and trust for a ferret to allow you to touch him. If he loves to cuddle with you, you have done a great job maintaining that bond. However, if you want to make train him to cuddle, you have a long way to go. Do not worry because it is going to be fun bonding and training your ferret.

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