Best Way to Clean Ferret Poop. A Helpful Guide

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Owning a ferret is exciting until you have to deal with poop. Well, a litter trained ferret will be easier to manage in terms of poop. But before then, you will need a convenient method to clean ferret poop. This article will highlight the best way to clean ferret poop.

At the same time, I will also look at how to clean after a ferret. It should not be as stressful as it might sound.

Is your ferret litter trained?

As I have mentioned above, a litter trained ferret will not give you so much trouble cleaning after them. However, if he has not been trained at all, you can expect him to poop everywhere. And since they spend most of their time in the cage, it would not be a conducive environment for your ferret.

Luckily, you can start litter training your ferret right away. Although younger ferrets are likely to learn faster, you can also get an older ferret to use a litter box. They are trainable even though it can take some time.

However, once you finally train your ferret, it becomes easy to manage his waste. You must purchase the correct type of litter box and litter. I have previously outlined how to make a ferret use a litter box.

Cleaning up ferret poop

Even when you have devoted yourself to training your ferret on how to use a litter box, accidents might take place. It is frustrating to find that your ferret pooped on the carpet, or worse, in your underwear drawer!

You cannot be angry to scold your ferret. Be calm and clean the poop immediately. You should get an enzymatic cleaner to remove the smell and the stain of poop. However, if your ferret has suddenly started having too many accidents, you need a more permanent solution.

You might need to retrain your ferret.

Use the following tips to ensure that your house does not smell of ferret poop;

Clean out the litter box

Having your ferret finally use the litter box is a great thing. At least this way, you will not have to clean poop off blankets or cage floor. However, that is not all. You must clean out his litter box every day. I prefer scooping soiled litter each time your ferret eliminates.

Also, change the litter often, at least weekly. This will ensure that the litter does not stink. Using the correct type of litter is also vital when it comes to managing the smell of ferret poop.

Go for paper-based litter that is also odor and liquids absorbent.

Clean the entire cage

Ferret poop can make your house stink. Now, cleaning out the litter box might not be enough to keep your house free of smell. It is especially if your ferret is having accidents in the cage. To completely clean poop, you might need to empty and clean the entire cage.

I prefer doing this every weekend. You must take out his beddings, litter box, food station. Use a disinfectant to clean the cage thoroughly. Wash the blankets and beddings as well as get rid of any residue smell.

Use a brush to clean the corners of the cage before you let it dry.

Minimize accidents

If your ferret is yet to learn how to use the litter box, you should be careful with where you let them explore. I have had people complain about finding foul-smelling ferret poop in their kitchen cabinets, others will just go on the carpet.

Before you get to litter train your ferret completely, you should take measures to keep the accidents at a minimum.

To do so, you will need to have your ferret remain in the cage. While I do not advocate for confinement, it is important to contain your ferret during the training process. Do not allow your ferret to move around the house when he can poop just about anywhere.

Only allow your ferret into a room without cabinets or other hiding places. These might provide an opportunity for your ferret to poop.

Best Way to Clean Ferret Poop. Litter training a ferret

Having to come home to clean ferret poop is nowhere near interesting. To make it easy, you should spend some time training your furry friend how to use a litter box. Before I go ahead to outline some tips to help train your ferret, I must say that you will need to be very patient with him.

Get the right equipment

You must purchase a ferret litter box as well as litter. The litter box should have a lower side for easy entry since ferrets have short legs. Purchase dust-free litter to use in the box. Ferrets are prone to respiratory illnesses and thus clay-based litter is not appropriate.

Instead, get the paper-based type of litter for your ferret. It should also be odor absorbent. It will keep your house from smelling ferret poop.

Position the box appropriately

You must also put the litter box away from where your ferret eats. In fact, I find it easier to position the box by letting a ferret choose. In most cases, your ferret will choose a corner in his cage and relieve himself.

Clean the ferret poop and place the box in the corner he most prefers. To make it easier for your ferret to understand, you may place some of his poop in the box.

Since they have a strong sense of smell, your ferret will understand what the box is to be used for.

Train your ferret in the cage

I advise ferret owners to always keep their ferrets in the cage at first. Do not let your ferret out of the cage during the training process. The goal is to ensure that your ferret fully understands that he is only allowed to go into the litter box and not anywhere else.

You are going to need treats for this training. Each time your ferret gets it right, reward him with a treat to encourage good behavior.

Also, when a ferret is fully litter trained in the cage, it is going to be quite easy for you to teach him how to use a litter box outside the cage.


The best way to clean ferret poop is by use of an enzymatic cleaner to clean soiled surfaces. Purchase an effective cleaner to get rid of the smell and stains of ferret poop.

However, if your ferret is frustrating you, consider retraining him how to use a litter box. It could take a few days for a kit but an older ferret will take some time before he is accustomed to using the litter box. Be patient and use rewards to reinforce training.

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