How Long Does it Take a Ferret to Get Used to a New Home?

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Moving to a new home is always a stressful affair for ferrets and other pets. Some ferrets might take longer to get used to a new home. Other ferrets will take about two weeks and you can observe them running around and exploring everything. So, exactly how long does it take a ferret to get used to a new home?

On average, a ferret will take approximately two weeks to get used to a new home. However, this is a difficult process for him. Thus, you should be able to provide the support and comfort that a ferret will need to settle down.

Bringing a ferret home

Getting a pet is not a decision you make overnight. You must have thought about it and researched tones of information about ferrets. Well, I am assuming that you have everything ready at home. For instance, you should have already set up his cage at home.

Transporting him should not be such a difficult task, especially if you have a pet carrier. Take note of the following when you are looking to help your ferret settle down faster:

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Place the cage in a calm place

The location of your ferret’s cage can add up to his stress. You should place his cage in a quiet place with little or no human traffic. Too much noise and movement are both distracting and stressful for your fuzzy friend.

Ensure that his cage has everything he might needs. These will include a food station, litter boxes, beddings, and toys. He might be a little distant but that is because he is in a strange place. Give him some time to adapt to it.

At the same time, watch out for high temperatures. Your ferret’s cage should be placed away from direct sunlight. At the same time, ensure the room is no more than 80 degrees F and not less than 50 degrees.

Ferrets do well in cool weather as compared to hot temperatures.

Allow your ferret to sleep for as long as he wants to

Ferrets love sleeping. They will spend about 18-22 hours of their day asleep. When a ferret first arrives at your home, he is probably tired and stressed. You should allow him to get as much rest as he needs to.

Now you should also limit the number of times you visit him. If you keep moving around his cage and checking upon him, it could add up to his stress levels. In fact, you may close the door of his room and let him explore the surroundings.

Also, limit the number of people who come to see your ferret in his cage. During the first few days, it can be overwhelming to meet new faces. Instead, wait for at least two weeks before you allow people to see and play him.

If you have children, you might want to keep them out of your ferret’s cage for some time. Remember that kids are not exactly good at handling pets. A new ferret can easily get agitated and bite your child, or your child might hurt your ferret.

Basically, your ferret must be comfortable and feel safe to get used to a new home.

Allow him to explore

So, it has been a few days after bringing your ferret home. Observe your ferret see how he is doing so far. At this time, you can allow him to explore his immediate surroundings. For instance, you can let him out of the cage and close the door of his room.

It is important that your ferret starts exploring to get to know the surroundings. This will reduce the nervousness since he can now move around. However, you must be very careful when letting him out of his cage.

Ensure that the room is fully ferret proofed. Ferrets tend to get around and can easily squeeze into small spaces. Getting some room out of the cage will create some kind of familiarity with the surroundings.

Leave your worn shirt with your ferret

You want your ferret to feel more at ease in your presence? Well, creating a little scent of familiarity will help. You should leave your worn garment with your ferret. It will keep him company, and you might find him sleeping on it.

This way, your ferret will get used to your scent. It is an important aspect when it comes to bonding with a new ferret.

Socialize your ferret

After two or three weeks, your ferret will have gotten used to a new home, and a new owner. It is not up to you to bond with your ferret. For instance, start engaging in games that allow physical contact. You want him to get used to being pet and comfortable with it.

However, as I have previously mentioned, you should not force him to do anything. If he seems too agitated for some reason, the best thing to do is to leave him alone. Give him some space to settle down.

Also, you should let him meet new people. Ferrets are social creatures and thus the need to socialize him. You can let your children play with your ferret under close supervision. This way, your ferret will get used to being around people.

With time, you can take your ferret out for a 10 minutes’ walk every now and then. However, you should be careful not to expose him to parasitic infections such as heartworm disease. Ferrets are susceptible to a number of illnesses and thus you should handle them with care.


In conclusion, if you just brought your ferret home and he seems distant, give him some time. Change of residence or ownership can result in stress. However, within a few weeks, your ferret should be used to your home, and also bonding with you.

Allow your ferret some time to settle down in your home. He is going to sleep for long hours and you should let him. Refrain from trying to get him to wake up so as you can play.

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