How Do You Calm Down a Hyper Ferret? A Useful Guide

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All ferrets have that hyperactive personality. However, while this is normal, some ferrets tend to be more hyper than others. Well, some ferret owners struggle to keep up with their ferrets. This article will guide you on how to calm down a hyper ferret.

Before I get started on that, I will mention two factors that might contribute to hyperactivity in ferrets:

  • Lack of out of cage playtime
  • Younger ferrets

I have said it before that ferrets are energetic and active pets. However, they all have different levels of hyperactivity. If you fail to provide your ferret with enough playtime, he will have so much energy in him.

Also, younger ferrets are energetic and looking to explore. I mean, you will let him out of his cage and he might jump and run around happily. However, you will barely take a minute from playing with him as they are hyper.

How to calm your hyper ferret down

Did you just bring a ferret home a few weeks ago but he won’t settle down? Well, do not panic as it could mean your ferret is finally adapting to your new home. However, you must come up with a way to manage his hyperactivity personalities.

Below, I am going to talk about ways to calm down an overly excited ferret.

Provide intense play and exercise time

The best and easiest way to manage a hyper ferret is to tire them out. However, you must also keep it in mind that ferrets spend most of their time sleeping. They will wake up in a couple of hours to feed and play.

While having toys in the cage is helpful, it is not enough. Ferrets will need to get out of their cage for at least 4 hours. During this time, it is up to you to decide what you will do to tire them out.

If you have a younger ferret, you can see how energetic they get. They jump, climb and run around the house. Well, this will eventually get better as older ferrets tend to settle down.

Well, once you get him out of the cage, make sure you have to ferret proof your house. You can engage in interactive games with your ferret to burn out his excessive energy. For instance, you can play games such as letting him chase you around the house.

Alternatively, you can play fetch with your ferret. Throw a ball and let him bring it to you. You can also train him how to climb stairs as well. The point is, engage in games that will tire your ferret out.

Purchase ferretone

Now, has your ferret ever been so hyper that he won’t leave you alone? Well, I usually put some ferretone on my palm and invite my ferret to eat it. Ferrets love ferret ones and you cannot distract him when he is licking the latter.

However, ferretone will only keep your ferret healthy for a little while. Once he is done, he will want you to do something else. Therefore, this is only going to buy you a few minutes.

Train him to be gentle

Hyper ferrets can get rough occasionally. This is especially if you have a younger ferret who has not learned how to be gentle. If so, I suggest you spend some time training him on how to be gentle. For instance, if he is nipping or biting you during play, you should pick him up by scruffing him and tell him no.

When a ferret is overexcited, they tend to nip. Well, this is especially if your ferret has not been taught not to bite. If he won’t stop nipping, it could be time to put him in time out. Get him back in the cage and get him back out after a minute or two.

The key is to let him know that biting is unacceptable. However, this is going to be a time-consuming process. Thus, be patient with your ferret and refrain from punishing your ferret.

Understand your ferret’s body clock

Ferrets are quite different from cats and dogs. These pets are crepuscular which means they will be most active at dawn and dusk. Therefore, it is only fair to provide intense play before you go to work and when you get back.

Also, you should purchase cage toys to keep your ferret busy when you are asleep or away. These pets, as I have mentioned multiple times, are curious and always looking forward to doing something. If your ferret does not have enough toys, he might become bored and destructive.

Other ferrets will start stealing your stuff and take them to his cage to play with. Invest in toys such as tunnels, maze toys, tubes and even stuffed animals for your pet ferret. See our recommendations here

Bring in a companion

Bringing in another ferret to your home is not always the easiest decision to tame. This is because ferrets can be expensive pets, given their specific diet and health check-up. However, if you cannot find the time to run around the entire time with your ferret, you might consider getting him a companion.

However, the introduction of another ferret in your home must be gradual, and slow. You can only let them play and live in the same cage once they are identified with one another.

At the same time, getting another ferret does not excuse you from paying attention to your ferrets. It just helps keep them occupied but then again you must provide enough time out of the cage for both of them.

If you have two ferrets, you must take them out of the cage for at least two hours a day. Furthermore, ensure that the cage is large enough for them to play with each other.


All ferrets are hyperactive. It is because these pets might be small but they are energetic. One of the reasons why you might have trouble trying to calm down your ferret is the lack of enough physical and mental stimulation.

However, the above outlines methods will help keep your ferret contained. Focus on tiring him out and keeping him occupied when awake. Do not forget that ferrets also need human interaction.

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