Do Ferrets Like Scratching Posts?

white ferret close to the fire

Ferrets are playful with each other but toys make them happier. While getting pet toys should not be such a difficult task, you must be careful when choosing toys for your ferret. In this article, I will look at some of the best ferret toys to go for. But before we get to that, do your ferrets like scratching posts?

Well, I have owned different ferrets in my life. What I can tell you is that all ferrets are different. They will also have different personalities, favorite toys and more. Some ferrets will use scratching posts to play with while others will not show any interest.

However, I must emphasize that ferrets do not trim their nails on a scratching post. It is your job to ensure that your ferret has trimmed nails. I have previously described ferret grooming which includes dental care and nail trimming.

Should I buy a scratching post for my ferret?

As I have mentioned above, it can be quite a task to shop for ferret safe toys. Before you rush to get a scratching post for him to monitor his favorite activities. If your ferret has been scratching on your carpet, maybe you can get a scratching post.

However, other ferrets will use the scratching post as a jungle gym. Well, ferrets are excellent climbers with the help of their nails. It is one of the reasons why you must trim his nails. Besides scratching you, long nails will assist your ferret to climb onto cabinets and basically everywhere in the house.

If he seems to enjoy using your cat’s scratching post, then you could get one for your ferret. He is going to have a lot of fun.

What types of toys do ferrets like?

When adopting a ferret, you must think about all the time they will spend in the cage. While they will sleep for most of the day, they wake up to play and feed in intervals. You will need a variety of toys to keep your fuzzy buddy busy.

Besides, it is always fun to watch a ferret play. Below, I am going to look at 5 best toys that ferrets enjoy. Before then, I must warn you that the biggest thing you should be concerned about is chewing. Ferrets chew through soft plastic or rubber toys. Some will even bite off wires and swallow the chippings which could result in a deadly intestinal blockage.

Some of the most suitable toys for ferrets may include the following:

Ferret balls

Balls make exciting toys for both dogs and cats. They are also suitable for ferrets. As I have mentioned above, it is important that you make sure that your ferret cannot chew through the ball. The ball should be made of sturdy material. Try as much as you can to stay away from any type of rubber.

Ferret balls are designed for different purposes. For instance, there are balls with a ferret sized hole. Ferrets love to get in and roll around to play. You may also get balls with beads or other noisemakers inside. The noise is very exciting for ferrets.

A tennis ball is also an exciting toy for your ferret. These creatures tend to get bored using only one toy. Get a variety of balls to keep your ferret entertained. A fleece-made ball is also a good toy to carry around, even when your ferret is out of his cage.

Stuffed toys

Ferrets also enjoy playing with stuffed animals. You will find plenty of small stuffed animals you can get for your fuzzy buddy. However, go for those toys without strings. Ferrets have a way of entangling themselves which could lead to strangulation.

Some ferret will even get attached to their stuffed animal toys. Beware of the hard eyes that your ferret can swallow. If your ferret spots the eyes, he can spend his entire day trying to chew them out. For this reason, I suggest that you allow your ferret to only play with the stuffed animal toy under your supervision.

Hanging tubes and tunnels

If you ask me, these are some of the best toys you can get your ferret. When we domesticate pets, we take them out of their natural habitat but then again we may not take away their desires. Ferrets in the wild would enjoy burrowing into tunnels and tubes left by other animals.

Getting a hanging tube toy for your ferret will allow him to burrow and even fall asleep in the tunnel toys. In fact, your ferret is likely to start taking long naps in the tunnels. Well, they provide the perfect environment to sleep.

Ensure you get a tunnel toy that your ferret can fit into without getting stuck.

Alternatively, hammocks also work well. I mean, they provide a hiding place, something that ferrets prefer to do. You will find your ferret sleeping in his hammock after an exhaustive play.


As with ferret balls, baskets are amazing toys for ferrets. Your ferret will enjoy getting in and out of the basket. Besides, with soft fabrics or blankets, your ferret will make his basket a napping area. The key to getting these types of toys for your ferret is to ensure he is as comfortable as he can be.

You will watch him bring other toys into the basket to play before he takes a nap.

Play tent

Ferrets enjoy playing hide and seek. Getting your ferret a play tent in his cage provides a perfect hiding place. Besides, it can also be the only place your ferret feels private in his cage. He will enjoy playing in his tiny house even when you are away from home.

Toys to avoid getting your ferret

As I have discussed above, you must be keen when choosing ferret toys to purchase. Ensure that you get toys that do not put your ferret in danger. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to purchase sturdy toys.

Ferrets can easily chew through rubber and soft plastic. Therefore, ensure that none of his toys is chewable to avoid swallowing. Avoid balls made of rubber and plastic. Instead, go for hard toys, once that he chew through or swallow chippings.

Also, I indicated above that dangling toys or those with strings can lead to strangulation. You may purchase these toys but only let your ferret play with them under your supervision.

There are a variety of other toys that you can get for your ferret. Some ferrets will even want to play with a cat’s scratching posts. Watch your ferret and observe his favorite activities. This way, you will be able to choose the most suitable toys for your ferret.


Ferrets are playful pets. They will spend most of their time awake playing if not feeding. Well, getting the right types of toys is a great way to supplement his entertainment. However, ferrets will enjoy playing with different types of toys. Above, I have listed some of the most suitable toys for ferrets.

Also, if your ferret is always scratching the cage or carpets, you might consider getting a scratching post. Some ferrets like using scratching posts for climbing up and down. They will use it as a jungle gym, but you can also get a jungle gym ferret toy from the store.

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