Why Does My Cat Only Cuddle at Night?

Cat cuddling at night with its owner

When you own a dog, cuddling and lots of attention from your canine companion is normal and expected. A dog will give love throughout the day and night, making them predictable pets. Cats, on the other hand, have a much different agenda than dogs.

Cats cuddle on their schedule, not anyone else’s, but this schedule doesn’t always make sense to us. A phenomenon that many cat owners have noticed is that their cats only want to cuddle at a specific time: nighttime! Why does my cat only cuddle at night?

Cats cuddle at night for several reasons, but when you break these down, it almost always has to do with being warm and being with their favorite person: you! Cats want to spend their nighttime with their owners in a soft, warm, comfy bed. 

An unpredictable cat is normal, and while it might be annoying that your cat wants to hog your precious bed space, remember that they sleep with you because they feel safe and loved. Let’s dive a little deeper into why exactly cats cuddle at night!

Why Does My Cat Only Cuddle at Night?

Trying to decipher why a cat does anything is almost impossible. One of the most charming things about cats is their independent nature and refusal to adhere to our rules. It should be annoying, but cat enthusiasts know it makes us love them even more.

Many cat owners report that their cats demand to sleep in bed with them at night, or at least won’t take no for an answer about some nighttime snuggles on the couch. Even cats that hate attention during the day will seek it out once the sun has set. So why is this the case?

Cats that only cuddle at night might do so for a few different reasons. Cats seek out warm places to rest, and at night when you’re under the covers getting ready to sleep, there is probably nowhere warmer in the entire house than in bed with you. Cats also cuddle at night because your presence makes them feel safe and secure. 

Some rumors say cats are nocturnal, so that’s why they want to hang out with their owners at night. A nocturnal animal sleeps during the day and is most active at night, so this would explain why so many cats are nighttime-only cuddlers.

The truth is, cats aren’t nocturnal; they’re crepuscular. A crepuscular animal is most active at dawn and dusk, so while being crepuscular might explain some late evening affection from your cat, it isn’t the reason for late-night cuddle sessions.  

Here is a short list of some of the reasons your cat might only cuddle at night:

  • Your cat wants to be warm, and you are a warm place to rest.
  • You’re busy during the day, so nighttime is the only time your cat has to cuddle with you. 
  • Some cats simply enjoy spending time with their owners, no matter what time of day it is.
  • Cats are mischievous, so whatever you’re doing at night is interesting to them.
  • Your cat might be lonely. 
  • Most cats seek out the most comfortable places in the house, so if your cat only cuddles at bedtime, it could mean your bed is the coziest place around.

Do All Cats Only Cuddle at Night?

Like every person has different likes, dislikes, and habits, cats are individuals, and no two cats will be the same. For this reason, it’s impossible to say that all cats perform certain behaviors, like night cuddling. 

Not all cats cuddle at night, just out of personal preference. 

Just because your cat doesn’t want to be near you at night doesn’t mean they like you any less. Some cats are most affectionate in the early morning, which is why so many owners have stories of their cats forcing them to wake up bright and early!

Why Does My Cat Only Come To Me When I’m Laying Down?

Your cat might only come to you when you’re lying down because they want your full attention. Most cats don’t appreciate a moving target, so they will wait until they know you’re going to be stationary before asking for attention.

When you’re up doing housework or working in your home office, you can’t give all your attention to your kitty, but once you lay down, your cat might know that you have no other obligations. It allows your cat to lay alongside you for rest, relaxation, and maybe even a quick nap!

Just like cats that only cuddle at night, cats that only come around when you’re laying down can be looking for similar things, usually regarding how warm you are and how much they enjoy being around you. 

If you have a special kitty that loves to nap with you, there’s no use in fighting their chosen form of affection. Instead, get them their own pillow, and enjoy some chill time together.

Why Does My Cat Only Want to Cuddle in Bed?

If your cat only wants to cuddle in bed, it’s probably because they consider your bed the comfiest place in the house. 

Cats love comfortable places and aren’t ashamed of it, either. These frisky felines can be found in baskets of clean laundry, atop newly folded blankets, and sometimes even snoozing in an open dresser drawer! If there is a soft, warm place to relax, your cat will find it.

Beds are not only comfy but usually contain something else a cat loves too; the cat’s owner. Cat owners and their kitties have special bonds that make it impossible to pass up a nice bedtime snuggle. 

To a cat, a warm comfy bed, plus their favorite person in the world, is closer to paradise than we might think!

Why Does My Cat Only Cuddle in the Morning?

If your cat isn’t a night cuddler, maybe they prefer the morning instead! Cats might only cuddle in the morning for the same reason they might cuddle at night, and because through their evolution, cats have become naturally more active at dawn and dusk. 

Cats might only cuddle in the morning because they are crepuscular, which means dawn and dusk are the times of day when they are most active. Most of the time, an active cat can also be very cuddly. 

Your cat might not be coming to you in the morning for an ordinary hang-out session, though. Cats may appear to cuddle more and be more affectionate in the morning as a tactic to get their owners out of bed, which inevitably ends up with a fresh bowl of cat food!

Cats are master manipulators, but they’re so cute that it’s impossible to be annoyed by them.

Why Does My Cat Only Purr at Night?

Cats purr for many reasons, ranging from how happy they are to the noises they make while nursing as kittens and even as a way to encourage their bodies to heal faster!

 If your cat is only purring at night, it’s probably because nighttime is the only part of the day where your cat can lay with you for an extended period of time, or because being in your bed is something that makes them extra happy.

This means you only notice your cat purring at night because you are busy or out of the house during other parts of the day.

 A cat’s purr is a magical thing that is only shared with people they trust. If your cat only purrs at night, just know that it’s a sign of great trust in the language of cats.

Cat Only Comes Out at Night?

What if your cat doesn’t just cuddle at night exclusively, but they only come out of hiding at night? Cats need a lot more sleep than humans, so it isn’t odd not to see them for hours at a time. But if your cat is only ever seen after the sunset, there is probably an underlying reason.

Cats might only come out at night because they feel safer at night. Other pets, visitors, and even outside noises like thunderstorms and traffic can make a cat want to hide during the day. The world is much quieter at night, and the cat can explore its home in peace. 

If you want a cat that comes out during the day, consider spending more daytime with your cat, playing, feeding, and giving affection. If your cat realizes that daytime is safe, it might become less of a nighttime-only pet. 

Final Thoughts 

  • Cats cuddle at night for warmth and companionship
  • Cats are crepuscular, meaning they are most active during dusk and dawn
  • Many cats love human beds because they are so comfortable and warm
  • Cats can also spend a lot of time during the day sleeping while being more active at night

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