Why Do Ferrets Like Plungers?

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Determining why ferrets like to do certain things can be disturbing. However, chances are that you might not be able to know why. I recently got a ferret owner asking me why do ferrets like plungers. To be honest, I was astonished because I haven’t had a problem with a ferret playing or stealing a plunger before.

However, I do not mean to disregard this question. You might be surprised to see your ferret moving around carrying a plunger to his cage. Well, as entertaining and social as ferrets are, they are also typical thieves.

Ferrets are known to steal and hide items. If you do not clean up regularly, you might never find out where your ferret has been hiding your stuff. Therefore, you should ensure that your house is ferret proofed to avoid losing your stuff.

Why do ferrets collect random stuff in the house?

The truth is, if a ferret likes something, he is likely to steal it. If you catch him playing or observing small items in the house, the next move will be dragging it to the cage. Well, it is difficult to understand why they are such common thieves.

However, in the wild, ferrets would hunt. Sometimes the catch could be more than they would need to eat but ferrets cannot let it go to waste. As a result, they would carry the remains and stash them somewhere to access later.

I tend to think that it is the same way with stealing stuff and hiding them. To prevent ferrets from stealing your important items, then you need to ferret proof the house. I will discuss how to ferret proof your house later in this article.

Ferret proofing your house will ensure that your stuff is safe. Besides, these tiny adorable creatures are known to chew and swallow solid objects. This usually results in intestinal blockage which can be life-threatening.

Therefore, when you are ferret proofing your house, not only are you keeping your stuff safe but also protecting your pet.

Why do ferrets hide stolen items?

So, you suddenly cannot find your shoe inserts. You have been looking everywhere and you find it in your ferret’s cage, probably hidden well. Do not be surprised that he stole it and took it with him. As I have mentioned above, ferrets cannot help themselves to stop stealing your items.

It is something they do out of instinct. However, if your ferret has started hiding food, it could be that he doesn’t want it. Sadly, this is your ferret’s favorite way to get your attention. Sometimes it could also mean that he is full and saving some for later.

Either way, hiding food will make your house stink. It will also attract pests and insects in your ferret’s cage. Therefore, if you notice him hiding his food, monitor him closely. I must also mention that if you have recently changed your ferret’s diet, he could be hiding it because he hates the new food.

Ensure you clean up your home thoroughly and often if your ferret has started hiding food.

Now, if you find your ferret’s stash, you will recover some of your lost items. Your ferret can even be hiding your car keys, or spoons or basically anything you consider to have lost. In most cases, you will disappoint your ferret once you find his stash. However, he will not give up. Instead, he will only change his hiding spot and start ‘hunting’ your stuff once more.

How do I stop my ferret from stealing my stuff?

I am almost sure that every ferret owner has looked for a way to stop their ferrets from stealing their stuff. Well, the bad news is that when your ferret makes collecting stuff his hobby, there is no stopping him.

The most effective way to ensure that your ferret does not steal stuff such as shoes, stuffed animals, or keys is to ensure that these items are out of his reach. As I mentioned above, ferret proofing your home is going to ensure that everything is safe.

If your ferret likes stealing the plunger, then put it away completely. However, because your ferret likes collecting stuff, you must provide an option.

I suggest you purchase many toys and leave them lying around the house. These toys must also be safe for your ferret. For instance, they should not be made of rubber or soft plastic that is likely to chip off. These types of toys could cause a medical emergency should your ferrets consume them.

How do I ferret proof my house?

I mentioned earlier that ferret proofing your house will help stop ferret stealing your items. If he seems to be obsessed with a plunger or whatever item in the house, then it is probably too available for him. When I talk of ferret proofing a house, I mean getting everything that your ferret could steal.

There are so many household items that your ferret can steal. As I keep on emphasizing, your curious fuzzy buddy will want to chew or even swallow smaller objects. Now, I am going to show you how to ferret proof your house.

You should keep all the doors to the other rooms closed. For instance, if your ferret will spend some time in the bedroom, close all the other doors. Also, ensure that all the drawers are closed.

If you are afraid that your ferret is going to steal items from the bathroom, kitchen or wherever, keep all the cabinets closed. You can also install barriers towards the areas of the house you do not want your ferret to go.

Why Do Ferrets Like Plungers? Conclusion

It is difficult to answer why ferrets like the things that they do. They will engage in different weird behaviors. However, they have one thing in common, ferrets love to steal and hide stuff. This could range from your shoes to your earplugs.

It is therefore important to ferret proof your house. Keep all your items away and replace them with safe ferret toys instead. If your ferret likes a plunger, be careful as he might end up chewing the rubbery thing, which can be harmful.

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