Ferrets as Pets Pros and Cons

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Ferrets are exciting pets and most people are finally adopting them. However, as with every other routine, you will need to look at the pros and cons of ferrets as pets before you get one. After all, you need to be prepared for what’s to come.

Now, I do not mean to convince you to go right ahead and get a ferret but I do not regret getting one. They are not only exciting but also social and friendly. If you are considering getting a ferret as a pet, then sit back and read on.

Ferrets as Pets Pros and Cons

Pros of having ferrets as pets

  1. They are playful
  2. Extremely Intelligent
  3. Friendly and Social
  4. Full of Energy
  5. Easy to Keep
  6. Perfect in Pairs
  7. Ready available food and litter

I am going to outline some of the qualities I find interesting about having ferrets as pets. So far, I have bonded with mine and wouldn’t want it any other way. Well, without much hesitation, let us explore the main pros of owning a pet ferret.

They are a playful lot

Ferrets are extremely playful. I mean, he will initiate games with you immediately you let him out of his cage. The good thing about this is that they are both intelligent and interactive. My fuzzy loves it when we play hide and seek.

This being said, you will, therefore, need to set aside some time to play with your ferret. You can teach him how to play with different toys. You can also chase him around the play area and let him do the same.

For their playful nature, I can attest that they are also fun. You will never get bored when you have a ferret in the house.

Extremely intelligent

I tend to think that ferrets make good pets because they are intelligent. It makes them trainable and well behaved. This makes it easy to live and manage ferrets as pets in the house. For instance, with consistent training, you are going to enjoy the privilege of having a litter trained ferret.

Their intelligence also makes them curious. Your ferret will want to do everything you do when you let him out of the cage. You can use this to your advantage and teach him a few tricks. Ferrets tend to retain tricks if taught correctly.

Ferrets are friendly and very social

Ferrets will rarely show signs of aggression towards their owners. In most scenarios, this will come from an underlying issue. Of course, the first few days your ferret can be grumpy and stressed. Let him be, it is only fair that he gets to settle down in a new household.

Once you bond with your ferret, it is going to be a very exciting relationship. Ferrets tend to grow some kind of attachment to one person in the household. However, if you have kids in the house, then you must keep a close eye when they are handling your pet.

Ferrets have incredible levels of energy

Ferrets tend to sleep for most of their lives. However, do not mistake this with inactivity. You won’t believe how much energy the little fuzzy friend has. Now, observe your ferret when you let him out of his cage. You will see him run around and dance around before you begin to play.

Well, this only means one thing. You need to set aside some time to play and stimulate your ferret. Engage in games that will help burn the excessive energy. Also, get a bigger cage, where your ferret can run around when playing.

Also, it won’t hurt getting a few stimulating toys for your ferret. They need both mental and physical stimulation. This should take about 2-4 hours based on your availability.

They are easy to take care of

I have had different types of pets over the last few decades. Ferrets stand out when it comes to basic home care. I mean, all you need is to provide is food, toys, a clean environment, and yearly vet visits. The good news is that you will find ferret food in the local pet store.

Besides, you will not need to keep taking him for a walk. Provide enough food for him, keeping in mind that they digest foods quickly. Your ferret will need to feet 3-4 times per day. If you have to work, then getting a multi-level cage will allow you to install several food bowls for your ferret.

Well, ferrets do not become neurotic at all. Unlike cats and dogs who become stressed due to slightly change in their lifestyles, your ferret will not. This means that you can own a ferret while at the same time have a regular 9-5 job.

They are perfect when they have company

When your ferret has a companion, preferably another ferret, then it becomes very easy to manage the two of them. Sometimes they become inseparable! You might not have to worry about playing with your ferret all alone.

As I have said above, these pets are incredibly intelligent. They will invent games and chase each other around the cage, and even when you out of the cage. You will notice them taking naps together, and eating together. They will soon become best friends and you will not have to worry about them getting bored during the day.

However, this does not mean you should not play with your ferrets. Spend some time bonding with them. You can even join in their games.

Their food and litter is now readily available

Before people started keeping ferrets as pets, there was one question everyone asked. What do ferrets eat? However, that is no longer a problem as you can easily access ferret resources from your local pet store or order online.

You no longer have to stress about what to give him. Furthermore, you can always supplement your ferret’s carnivorous diet with tasty and meaty treats. Besides, you can always buy other resources such as ferret litter.

There is food specifically made for ferrets now. I suggest you talk to your vet about the amount and type of food to give to your ferret. Otherwise, you should not have trouble accessing these resources.

Ferrets as Pets Pros and Cons

Cons of ferrets as pets

  1. The Musky smell
  2. They try to escape
  3. Can be destructive
  4. They can bite
  5. Some can be high maintenance

As with everything else, there is always the good and the bad. Well, in the case of ferrets, there is nothing bad really, just a few qualities that may differ from what you would want. But hey, ferrets are adorable. Below, I am going to list down several cons that may come with keeping ferrets as pets.

The ferret musky smell

One of the most common things people look at before getting ferrets is the smell. Yes, ferrets can have a bad and annoying odor that can spread to the entire house. However, this should not be as discouraging. People who complain about the ferret smell may not be maintaining their pets well.

In the pros section, I mentioned that ferrets are easy to care for. While this is true, if you fail to care for ferrets well, then you are going to have to deal with the smell.

Ensure that you clean your ferret’s cage at least once a week. Also, get litter with odor control properties to keep the smell toned down. Well, do not forget to change the beddings 2-3 days as well as the litter.

Bath your ferret at least once a month as you clean his ears. The point is, with proper management, the smell should not discourage you from owning a ferret.

Ferrets are escape artists

There is a reason why I urge all ferret owners to keep them in the cage. This is especially during the first few days. Also, ensure that your house is ferret-proofed. Once you let him out of the cage, his first instincts are to try and get out of your house.

This means that your ferret will look for smaller spaces to try and fit in. If you are not careful enough, you might lose your little furry friend to the streets. This will also put his life in danger. Hence, I insist on ferret-proofing your house before you even bring him home.

So if you want to keep your ferret, do not leave home when he is out of his cage. Safely close the cage and leave him as many toys as you can to keep him busy.

Sometimes ferrets are destructive

Earlier on, I mentioned that ferrets are intelligent. Well, they are also curious, which often results in destructive behavior. It could be that your ferret was trying to figure sometimes out and end up tearing it apart.

For this reason, you cannot let him out of the cage to roam in the house without constant supervision. They tend to chew cables, shoelaces, and even earplugs. This is not only destructive but also harmful for your pet ferret.

Well, keep these things away and keep all your doors closed. After all, ferrets are known as ‘thieves’ of small items in the house.

Ferrets do bite sometimes

If there is a big challenge that may come with owning a ferret is trying to stop them from biting. Well, most ferret owners may not know how to react when ferrets start biting. Usually, they bite when they feel like they are being mishandled.

It is the reason why ferrets may not be a good choice of pets when you have children. Kids tend to be rough and ferrets hate that. As a result, your ferret might end up biting them. However, you should never leave your ferret alone with kids to prevent such from happening.

Also, you can teach your ferret to stop biting. You may use the same methods as you would when training a cat or puppy to stop biting. Teach your children how to play with a ferret gently to facilitate a bond between the two.

Ferrets can be high maintenance

While ferrets are amazing pets, they are also high maintenance. I mean, you need to purchase commercial food specifically for ferrets. Besides, you will need to change the litter every few days. And once again, you need to purchase the litter, specifically made for ferrets.

However, you will not have to worry much about the vet fees as you will only need a yearly visit for a regular check-up.

Ferrets as pets can be satisfying and exciting but you must consider the pros and cons involved. My experience with ferret pets has been amazing despite the stated cons.

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