Do Ferrets Calm Down With Age?

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Ferrets are among the most active pets that you can keep. Well, younger ferrets tend to be hyperactive when they are awake. It is because they are curious and energetic. Besides, the most they do is sleep, eat, and play. However, do ferrets calm down with age?

If you have never had to calm down a hyper ferret, you might not understand how energetic these pets are. It is one of the reasons why I always insist on socializing them. Otherwise, if a ferret is under-socialized and hyper at the same time, he might develop nippy behavior.

In this article, we are going to explore how ferrets change with age. Do they become more active or less active as they grow older?

Are younger ferrets more active than older ones?

As in humans, ferrets tend to settle down as they grow older. A 6 months old ferret will definitely have much more energy than a four-year-old ferret. However, these pets have unique personalities and energy levels.

Basically, younger ferrets are curious. They want to know everything you are doing and will follow you everywhere. Watch him jump, climb, and run around when you let him out of the cage. Sometimes it is extremely difficult to keep up with kits.

They will also want to chew everything they come across. And because they are mischievous, they will steal your stuff and hide them. You should check their beddings often to make sure they are not chewing non-food items.

And for this reason, it is important to ferret proof your house. Choose a room where you will be letting your kit ferret run around. Remove all chewable and rubbery items. Also, small items such as earplugs, keys, and stuffed toys might interest him.

How to calm down a younger ferret

Calming down an excited ferret is not always an easy task. It is because they can get nippy and might even bite you. However, do not worry as you can be able to get him to slow down. The following tips should help you calm a younger ferret down:

Get him out of the cage often

As I have discussed above, younger ferrets tend to have a lot of energy. After all, they are young and at a rapid growth stage. To calm your ferret down, provide more space for him by getting him out of the cage.

While I insist on getting a large ferret cage, it is essential to let your ferret out of the cage. During this time, let him spend his energy running around and exploring the house. Ensure that you have ferret-proofed a room to let him free.

Play to tire him out

During the time out of the cage, play with your ferret. While these pets do well on their own, they also need a lot of our attention. You can chase him and let him chase you during this time. This is an excellent game to tire your ferret out.

Luckily, a young ferret will have the energy to play for an hour before they get tired. Ensure that he is tired before getting him back in his cage to sleep.

Plenty of toys to keep him busy

You should also provide plenty of toys for your ferret. He can play with the toys in and out of the cage. Besides burning his energy, a ferret will constantly need mental stimulation. Well, there are plenty of toys that will help you keep him occupied.

Avoid rubbery toys and other small toys that he can swallow.

Use ferretone

You will need to keep Ferretone in the house. They love it as a treat and it is also going to help you keep your ferret down. When you cannot seem to calm him down, you can put some ferretone on your palm and let him lick it.

Train him to stop nipping

A ferret should be taught that biting is unacceptable from a young age. However, younger ferrets tend to bite and nip when they are hyper. Well, if you ferret nips you when playing, the best way to deal with him is time out.

Get him back in his cage for a minute or two before you let him out again. It is similar to training a dog or cat to stop biting. However, do not punish by yelling or hitting your ferret. You must be very patient with your ferret as it might take some time. Each time he doesn’t bite, reward him with a treat and verbal praises.


Younger ferrets are often energetic, always looking for something to do. However, ferrets do calm down with age. An older ferret might not have the same swift movements as a kit does. At the same time, ferrets have different personalities, making some activities more than others.

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