Ferret Bedding. 5 Of The Best For Your Ferret

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Ferrets are crepuscular and they love napping. I mean, they do sleep for over 18 hours a day, making it important to have comfortable ferret bedding. Your ferret will spend most of his life in his cage. You need to get clean and comfortable beddings in the cage.

In this article, I am going to outline 5 of the best ferret beddings as per my preference and experience. Alternatively, you can also make your ferret bedding from home! Before we go ahead, I would like to talk about the factors to consider when choosing your ferret beddings.

Things to consider when choosing ferret bedding

Getting ferret bedding is not one of the easiest things to do. There are so many variables that you must consider. These may include:


If you own a ferret, I am sure that you are aware of a certain musky smell from him. Now, if your ferret pees on the bedding material that won’t absorb the liquid you will have a problem. Not only will you have your house stinking but also your ferret will be uncomfortable.

Choose beddings that have the odor control property. Luckily for you, beddings of high quality will control the odor. If you go with homemade or fabric-made ferret bedding, then they must be washed properly and regularly.

Your pet’s safety

You are responsible for your ferret’s health. The type of bedding you choose should not have any dust or products that your ferret could be allergic to. Remember that most ferrets are quite sensitive and will develop respiratory issues if you use inappropriate bedding.

As mentioned above, go for the absorbing and warm type of bedding for your ferret. You may reconsider the type of beddings to go for based on the material used.

Be responsible and go natural

There are various types of ferret beddings that you can use. However, I always go for the natural and biodegradable type of bedding for my fuzzy friends.

The best thing about using paper bedding is that they are dust-free. Besides, if you do not flush them in the toilet, you can easily use it as compost. These are also very safe for ferrets.

5 best ferret beddings of all time.

Choosing the best type of bedding can be such a hustle. However, I recommend getting the ferret beddings that are specifically made for these furry animals. After, all, ferrets can be quite sensitive and allergic to different things.

Having owned ferrets for all of my adult life now, See About Us, I have tried various types of beddings. Well, below, I will outline 5 of my favorite types of beddings:

1, Marshall Ferret Litter

Marshall Ferret Litter remains my top type of bedding to go for. The litter is specifically made for ferrets, which means that it is completely safe. Besides, it is made from paper, which makes it dust-free and hence great for sensitive ferrets.

The manufacturer has also added odor control to keep your fuzzy comfortable. It will also absorb any liquids such as pee or spilled water. I mean, ferrets do love tipping over their food or water bowls. As I mentioned earlier, paper litter is pretty much disposable through flushing. It is also compostable.

2. Healthy Pet Natural Critter bedding

This is another one of my favorites, especially because they are made for small animals. This provides your ferret with the comfort of soft and dry beddings. They are also quite absorbent meaning that any pee or water will not interrupt your ferret’s sleep.

It also has odor suppressing properties to leave your house odor-free. This type of bedding excites me because it is non-allergic, even to my albino ferret.

And once again, it is an environmentally friendly type of material. I have personally used this for cats and now ferrets.

3. So Phresh Paper Pellet

Do you have more than one pet? Well, So Phresh Paper Pellet litter for small animals is an excellent choice for you. It is made from non-toxic material that is compostable. It will absorb any liquid spilled almost immediately, leaving your ferret’s bed warm and comfortable.

As the name suggests, this litter is going to keep your house clean and your ferret’s cage fresh. Besides, it does not matter whether you have a sensitive ferret. It is an excellent litter bedding for your ferret at all times.

The paper used to make this litter will not break even when your fuzzy friend spills water or pees. This makes it a holy grail for easy cleaning.

4. Breeder Celect Paper Pellet Cat litter

If you are looking for quality, then this is going to solve all your ferret beddings problems. It is made from premium paper cutting. Usually, this is a recycled premium quality paper that is combined with baking soda.

Baking soda is a great product to use to remove and control bad odor. As with the above-listed types of beddings, the Breeder Select Paper Pellet cat litter is also eco-friendly. It is also very safe for sensitive ferrets as it is dust-free.

5. Vitakraft Fresh World Crumble bedding

I insist on getting the dust-free type of litter for your ferret beddings. This is 99.5% dust-free, making it one of the safest beddings for a ferret. Not only is it absorbent but also comfortable for your ferret, who is going to spend most of his life asleep.

It is perfect for sensitive ferrets as it is non-toxic. Since it holds together when your ferret makes a mess, it will make cleaning the beddings quite easy.

Can I make homemade ferret beddings?

While it is completely safe to use the above-listed litter beddings for your pet ferret, you can also make simple bedding for him. Well, based on how comfortable you make it, your ferret might end up loving it! However, I must mention that you will have to clean these beddings regularly to control odor as well as maintain a clean environment for your ferret.

The answer to this question is yes, you can make comfortable bedding at home. You can either use blankets or fabric hammocks for your ferret.

Blanket bedding for ferrets

Blankets do make nice and warm beddings for ferrets. Go for blankets made of fleece fabric or cotton. In most cases, natural material will be quite breathable for your fuzzy friend. I find blanket beddings amazing especially during winter.

Your ferret can burrow himself in and make a little warm and cozy nest to sleep in. Besides, a blanket will allow your ferret to hide in a dark place for his peaceful naps during the day.

Some ferret owners go for fabric sacks as beddings for their ferrets. It is an equally comfortable option for blankets. Just ensure that the latter is big enough for your fuzzy friend to fit in. Also, fabric beddings must be changed and washed regularly for odor control.


Isn’t it comfortable sleeping on a suspended hammock? Well, you can make exciting bedding for your ferret in his cage. This is not only comfortable but it will require your fuzzy buddy to climb up to rest. This can be both mentally and physically stimulating and exciting.

You can either build an open or enclosed hammock for your ferret. While an enclosed hammock provides the perfect hiding place for your ferret, it can get quite hot during summer. I prefer having both enclosed and open hammock, you know, based on the temperatures.

Make sure that you wash and change the hammocks regularly. Also, you may use either of the above-outlined litter beddings in your hammocks.

Custom-made bedding

Ferrets are increasingly becoming popular as pets. You can now purchase custom-made bedding for your ferret. This could come on different shapes based on your preference. These are great because they bring a sense of ownership for your ferret. I mean, your ferret will now understand that the bedding is his resting place.

To make it cozy and comfortable, I suggest you use any of the above-litter bedding in the custom made bed. Place it in a dark, quiet and private area of the cage. You can always cover the entire cage if you are afraid that he is getting too much light.


Getting cozy bedding for your ferret is probably the best thing you can do for him. These pets spend most of their lives asleep. You must consider several factors before you settle on bedding materials. For instance, you must ensure that it is dust-free and non-toxic.

Even though the litter beddings I have listed above are safe, you must know when to change them. You need to make his sleeping place comfortable and warm enough for him, especially during winter. If you choose to go old school and make your beddings, make sure that you clean them often.

Lastly, observe your ferret when using the new litter. Monitor him closely to see it has any harmful effects on your ferret. Avoid using beddings such as wood shavings as your ferret could be allergic to the latter. Also, they would not hold in the moisture or odor, making cleaning tedious.

What have you been using for your ferret beddings?

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