Why Is My Cat so Affectionate in The Morning?

Gray British Shorthair cat being affectionate to its female owner in the morning

Cats are very affectionate in the mornings because they love mornings, love food, and probably love you! If you would like a more scientific answer, you may be interested in learning that cats are crepuscular animals.

Crepuscular means that the animal is most active at dawn and dusk. So, it makes sense then, that your furry friend is feeling rather energetic first thing in the morning and has some extra love to share.

What Does a Cat’s Affectionate Behavior Look Like?

So, what is classified as a cat showing affection? Well, it could be the sounds they make; purring, meowing and trills. Or it could be physical signs, like draping its tail over your arms or legs, headbutts, rubbing its body against you, and showing you its stomach are all signs that your cat feels content and connected to you. 

Other signs that your cat thinks of you in a positive manner is if it constantly follows you around, nips or bites you, and enjoys licking you. One other thing, that sounds a little strange, is if your cat blinks slowly at you. Apparently this is a sign of true love!

Why Does My Cat Like to Snuggle with Me?

Part of the reason is biological. From when they were kittens, cuddling up to their mom would make them feel safe and secure. The behavior continues on into their adulthood. Although if kittens are not handled and patted frequently from a very young age, they may be hesitant to show affection with humans as they become older.

Is My Cat Just Looking for Food in The Mornings?

Of course, your cat is probably hungry in the morning, especially if it hasn’t eaten since the night before. So its affection is also its way of reminding you that it’s breakfast time. It may have been quite active at night, contributing to its feelings of hunger.

Why Does My Cat Jump up On My Bed in The Morning?

For the same reason that you love your bed, your cat probably finds it a warm comfy place to be. Also, there’s a good chance that your cat is just simply missing you. Being creatures of habit, if you allow it to come on your bed and show it affection, it will probably continue these behaviors.

Also, your cat may be just straight-up bored. Cats crave interaction, and so if it has gone an extended period of time without any, then it’s going to be looking for some cuddles in the morning. Cats can feel lonely just like people do when they spend too much time alone. Cats without another animal friend to interact with are more likely to seek out human affection.

Does My Cat Mistake Me for A Giant Cat?

There are a number of conflicting views about how cats really perceive humans. However, the reputable cat expert John Bradshaw, who wrote ‘Cat Sense’, believes that cats more or less see humans as very large cat-type creatures. And while maybe not being the smartest of creatures, was able to be trained to deliver food and head scratches on demand.

Can Affection Be a Sign of Health Issues?

Sometimes excess affection from your cat may be a sign of a health issue. If there are other symptoms, such as sneezing, walking in an unusual manner, or excessive hairball coughing, then you should consult a veterinarian for an expert opinion. 

A cat’s behavior may get mistaken for affection when it is actually sick or in pain. Take note if it is meowing more than usual and making any groaning or whimpering sounds. If your cat was previously not so affectionate and has suddenly become so, this could also indicate that something is wrong.

A change in your cat’s affection levels may also just be a result of it getting older. The cat may become needier and seek out more cuddles as it enters old age. Pregnant cats and those in heat could also display this clingy behavior. 

Do Cats Get Anxiety?

Cats can feel anxious about certain events, and this may result in your cat becoming more affectionate (not related specifically to the morning). A new pet in the house, or even a new baby, can cause your cat to display more clingy behavior. Even just a sudden fright from a loud noise can have your cat weaving around your legs.

Is My Cat Trying to Tell Me Something?

If only our cats could talk to us. Well, the next time your cat is nuzzling against your legs, it could be because it has done something wrong. Maybe it broke your favorite glass or went to the toilet outside of its litter box. However, these incidences of affection are not specific to the morning and could occur anytime during the day.

How Can I Get My Cat to Be More Affectionate?

Maybe you have a cat that rarely shows signs of affection. Perhaps you have one that consistently does and another that always seems aloof and distant. Is there anything you can do to change this behavior? Firstly, ensure that your cat has all of its basic needs met; clean food and water, a safe living place, and some toys to keep it entertained.

Next, schedule play dates with your cat. If you are busy and rarely interacting with your cat, it will remain shy around you. Try setting aside 30 minutes per session and frequently talking to your cat during these sessions. A treat for when they act affectionately will also help with forming a bond.

What if I Don’t Enjoy My Cats Early Morning Affection?

Like most unwanted behavior, you can train your cat so that it no longer acts in a particular manner. The simple tactic of ignoring your cat’s affection can disparage it from continuing. If your cat is seeking your attention in order to get fed, then try changing its feeding schedule. Giving it food later in the day means that it should stop pestering you in the morning.

If your cat is just seeking extra attention from you and wanting to play, you could try and schedule a regular ‘playtime’ later in the day. Cats generally like routine and should be able to adjust to a new schedule relatively easily.

Keep in mind, many people complain about their cat being too aloof and would love it if their cat showed more affection. So maybe it’s not so bad receiving a few friendly headbutts in the morning. After all, your cat wants to show you how much it really cares about you.

Which Breeds Are the Most Affectionate?

Not all cats display affectionate behaviors, as many owners will attest to. Cats, like people, have their very own individual temperaments. However, certain breeds are known for being more friendly. Maine Coons, Ragdoll, Birman, and Tonkinese are just a few that frequently rates as some of the most affectionate cats.

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