Why Does My Dog Sleep On Me and Not My Husband?

Tiny dog sleeping on woman

Your dog may sleep on you and not your husband because:

  1. You raised him.
  2. You feed him.
  3. You train him.
  4. You pet him more.
  5. You’re home more often.
  6. You give him treats.
  7. There’s more room on your side of the bed.
  8. You’re the pack leader.

Are you annoyed that your dog is always sleeping on your side of the bed? Or maybe you find it strange that your dog never sleeps on your husband. Read on to find out some reasons why your dog prefers your side of the bed!

You Raised Him

Raising a puppy will always create an incredibly strong bond that nothing can break.

A dog will always be the most attached to the person who raised him. If you raised your dog from the time he was a puppy, he will consider you his mother.

Dogs remember who raised them. Especially if you raised him from the time he was extremely young. He will recall being bottle-fed and sleeping with you under a heating pad. 

If you had your puppy from the second he was old enough to leave his mother, you took over that caring role and taught him how to be a dog.

You Feed Him

Dogs spend more time with the person who feeds them.

This is because they have a primal urge to seek out more food. When they were first being domesticated, dogs increased their chances of being fed by connecting with the people who fed them the most.

Even though dogs no longer need to attach to humans in that way to be fed, they still have the genes in them that teach them to do that.

Fun fact

You know those puppy dog eyes that your dog gives you? 

Those are a biological advantage. The dogs who were the best at begging were the ones who got the most food in the ancient days, so begging was passed down throughout the generations.

You Train Him

Training your dog is a great way to connect with him. If you train your dog, he will feel closer to you and want to sleep on you.

Training your dog is also a way to assert your authority. When you assert your authority, a dog will feel more secure with you because he is always searching out his pack leader. 

Dogs like the security of authority and will seek out comfort from those who assert themselves.

You Pet Him More

Petting your dog creates a biological bond by releasing chemicals in both of your brains.

If you pet your dog more often than your husband does, he will be looking for that affection and be attached to you at the hip.

Petting your dog shows him that you care and love him. Dogs are physical animals and receive love the best when they get physical affection.

Dogs are always craving to be touched, so if you show that you are more likely to pet your dog than your husband is, he will sleep on you in the hopes of getting more pets.

You’re Home More Often

Maybe you’re a stay-at-home parent, or perhaps you work from home. Maybe you’re disabled and can’t leave the house, or perhaps you’re retired, and your husband isn’t. Maybe your husband often travels for work.

No matter the reason, if you are home more often than your husband, your dog will be more attached to you. He will be used to being fed by you, walked by you, and so forth. He will sleep with you when your husband isn’t home, so of course he will keep sleeping on you even when your husband gets home. 

Occasionally it will be the opposite, and your dog will be ecstatic to sleep with your husband because he missed him, but usually he will stick to his routine.

You Give Him Treats

This is similar to if you feed your dog. If you’re the one to give your dog treats, your dog will search out more goodies from you.

Feeding your dog treats shows him that you will take care of him and reward him for his good behavior. He may think that sleeping on you shows his good side and will earn him more treats.

The truth is, you are probably more likely to give your dog treats if he does sleep on you. You will feel closer to him and therefore want to spoil him more.

There’s More Room on Your Side of The Bed

This is a no-brainer. Dogs go where there is more room. If your husband is much bigger or taller than you, your dog won’t want to squeeze in. 

Your husband may not like it, but if there is no room on his side of the bed, the dogs won’t sleep on him. It’s that simple.

Some dogs are the reverse – maybe your dog sleeps with you because there is less room, and he likes to be cozy. Certain dogs like the comfort of a tight squeeze and would prefer to snuggle up than to spread out. 

You’re the Pack Leader

Dogs love their pack leader. Pack leaders give them purpose and security. They will always flock to their pack leader for instructions and love. 

Before dogs were domesticated, they always had other dogs as pack leaders. These were the dogs who found the food and told the rest of the pack what to do. It is your job to fill that role as a dog owner. If your dog thinks he is the pack leader, he will walk all over you.

If you put out more dominant energy than your husband, you will be the pack leader. Your dog will want to spend more time with you in order to feel more meaning in his life.

How to Become a Pack Leader

To be a pack leader, you must be assertive as well as calm. You need to set boundaries with your dog, so he knows what he is and isn’t allowed to do. Although it may seem counterintuitive, dogs crave boundaries.

Another way to become a pack leader is to make your dog work. An example of this is taking him for walks before feeding time.

The best way to be a pack leader is to know what fulfills your dog.

Final Thoughts

There are a few reasons your dog may sleep on you and not your husband.

  • If you raised him, he will feel extremely attached to you.
  • If you’re the one who feeds him or gives him treats, he will be looking for more food by sleeping on you.
  • If you train him or are the pack leader, he will feel secure with you.
  • If you pet your dog more, he will be looking for more pets.
  • If you are home more often, your dog will likely be closer to you.
  • Lastly, if there’s more room on your side of the bed, your dog is bound to sleep with you.

Enjoy the extra snuggles! It can be calming to have a dog sleep on you and may help you get some extra hours in and bond with your dog more.

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