Why does my dog lick my eyes?

Dog licking a boy's eyes

Dogs love licking on everything they find interesting. There is no doubt that they are always up for some fun, but they can also be very passionate about licking everything in sight. But why do dogs like licking our eyes so much? Could it be that my dog loves me?

They’re showing affection

However I look at it, the dogs are showing their affection. They show that they want to be close to you and want to be part of you.

Desires to groom

Dogs are born with the desire to keep things clean. That can be seen in their desire to lick your eyes. They want to keep your eyes clean. It’s a natural desire for them to want to groom you. They’re not trying to hurt you; they want to keep your eyes clean.

They desire attention

Just like humans, dogs can get bored quickly. That is probably the biggest reason why dogs lick our eyes. They’re looking for a bit of action! Petting them and just being close to them can help relieve their boredom.

They’re seeking information

My dog has an eye for everything. When she is licking my eyes, she can be looking for something to stay alert about. She wants to know what you’re thinking about, and she wants to see if you’re okay or not. Your dog likely wants to cheer you up when you are feeling sad or depressed.


Just like humans, dogs can get bored. An effective way of relieving their boredom is licking our eyes. Hey, maybe this will even make you play with them, and they love that!

Age of Dog

Puppies are curious creatures that explore everything around them by licking, sniffing, and exploring. They might be doing this to figure out what is going on with you while they lick your eyes. 

As dogs get older, this behavior stops. The reason for this is because they become more aware of you and what you might be expecting them to do. Also, the energy level of an older dog is not as high as a puppy, so they have less energy to spend exploring. 

Act of Submission

Dogs lick their owners as a way to show affection and submission. It is also a bonding behavior that they are trying to show you. They want to show you that you are higher in rank and the leader of their pack.

Salty tears

Your tears contain salt, which is very rare in nature. Plus, it’s tasty! Dogs, therefore, have an innate behavior to take the opportunity to eat salt when the opportunity arises.

Medical reasons

Although most reasons for your dog licking your eyes are natural and harmless (for them, at least), some reasons may be a cause for concern. There are medical conditions that can cause your dog to lick your eyes.

When your dog’s licking of your eyes is accompanied by other symptoms and problems (such as allergies, low energy, and changes in behavior), it can be a sign of an underlying medical condition. If this is the case, contact your veterinarian so that they can determine whether a medical condition is causing the licking behavior and recommend a treatment plan.

How do I know what kind of lick my dog is giving me?

When a dog licks your face, it typically intends to be affectionate. If your dog gives you a long, noisy lick and has its body relaxed and soft, it is most likely for affection.

If they give short, fast licks with an arched back or tense up in their body when licking your face, the pet is trying to get something from you, such as food or attention.

A wiggly body combined with slurpy kisses usually indicates that your dog wants to be close to you or have some interaction with its owner. That could mean anything from wanting to play fetch with them, cuddle up on the couch, or sit in front of them while watching TV.

Dogs’ Vomeronasal organ is constantly gathering information about their surroundings. This organ provides a sense of smell and helps them to know what they need to do. However, this function can cause the opposite effect when dogs have no food nearby, are stressed out from traveling in cars, or are away from home for too long. In these cases, your dog may lick you as a way to tell that something needs attention so that it doesn’t feel left behind during those times.

In general, small licks from your dog might mean that the animal is trying to gather more information. This type of lick may signify that they are curious about what you’re doing or another living creature in the area.

Is it okay to let a dog lick your face?

Mostly, it will come down to the individual preference of the owner. If one has allergies or is uncomfortable with having their face licked by a dog, they should not allow it. But if someone does not have any problems with this, then there isn’t anything wrong with letting your pet lick your eyes.

It’s common for dogs to lick their owners. Licking may be a form of stress relief, which could reduce stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline levels in both dogs and human beings.

Can a dog licking your eyes be dangerous?

Animals can carry zoonotic bacteria that is passed from animal to human and causes disease. However, dogs will rarely spread a bacterial infection from their mouths to a human’s eyes.

In general, there is no risk posed by a dog licking your face even if they do so regularly but always be mindful not to touch your eyes after a dog licks them. Especially for humans with some underlying health conditions, such as those with weakened immune systems.

How To Prevent Your Dog From Licking Your Eyes

First of all, if you don’t find it annoying, you probably don’t have to worry about prevention! 

But often, people find that their dog likes to lick their eyes and that this can be pretty annoying. If you find that this is becoming an issue, there are some ways that you can prevent your dog from licking your eyes.

To identify when your pet might lick someone’s face or eyes and figure out ways for preventing excessive behavior, keep track of their activity over time (e.g., how many times they lick your face in a day). This can help you figure out if they are licking more often than usual and what is causing the increased activity. Other behaviors that might also be clues to an issue such as this include excessive panting, drooling, or refusing food.

First, you will want to reprimand your dog if they begin licking your eyes. When they begin to lick your eyes, correct them immediately. If you take too long to reprimand your dog, they may get the message that this is something that you enjoy. So, be quick to remove the attention from your face by stopping their licking.

Second, you will want to stop the attention. If your dog begins licking your eyes, remove their attention from your face immediately. Do not allow them to lick you in this manner for it will reinforce that this is something that they can do to get attention, which it often is not.

Finally, if nothing else helps you will want to take your dog to the veterinarian for consultation.

Is it similar to when dogs lick other dogs?

Yes, it means approximately the same thing when your dog licks your eyes as when it licks other dogs’ eyes. Grooming, submissiveness, affection, and other reasons are just as valid in both cases. Dogs are pack animals, and they depend on the pack’s structure for survival. A dog’s body language is usually very similar when they interact with people and other dogs.

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