Where do Ferrets Sleep? A Complete Guide

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Ferrets are more of nocturnal creatures in the wild. However, at home, they are more of crepuscular. Ferrets spend most of their days asleep which makes it crucial to have a comfortable sleeping area. In this article, we are going to look at the favorite places where do ferrets sleep. 

We will also discuss the best type of beddings to get for your ferrets. Before we get right into it, let us look at the sleeping patterns and behavior of ferrets. 

Ferret Sleeping behavior

Ferrets, as I mentioned earlier, will spend most of their time curled up asleep. Kits, baby ferrets, might sleep for more hours than an adult ferret. At the same time, if you have gotten a male ferret, he might also be a bit lazier and hence sleep more. 

Generally, ferrets will sleep for 18-22 hours a day. However, they do this in intervals, perhaps 5 or 6 hours of sleep and an hour of playtime in the cage. During cold weather, do not be surprised if your ferret won’t wake up for a few hours. 

The ferret dead sleep

I honestly cannot tell you about the many times I have seen ferret owners scared for their pets. Well, your ferret falls asleep and for some reason, he does not seem to wake up even when you touch him or pick him up. 

This, to say the least, can be very worrying except that it is normal for ferrets to do so. I refer to this kind of sleep as the ferret dead sleep. It should not worry you as your ferret will be fine. 

I think this has a lot to do with the fact that ferrets do hibernate for almost a week during winter in the wild. Your ferret will wake up when he has rested enough and you just have to be patient. 

Do ferrets fall asleep outside the cage?

One thing you must keep in mind about ferrets is that they will fall asleep just about anywhere in the house. However, as I advise all ferret owners, it is a bad idea to let a ferret roam in the house all alone. It is why I insist on ferret-proofing the house the first day you get a ferret. 

Well, they love sleeping in dark, hidden places. This could be in your clothes drawers or even a laundry basket. Understand that a ferret will fall asleep wherever they get sleepy at. 

So yes, if you let your ferret out of the cage unsupervised, chances are that he could fall asleep elsewhere. I suggest you stick to supervising your ferret for as long as he is out of his cage. 

At the same time, it would be unfair to keep him in the cage all day. Ferrets need to play and train for at least 4 hours a day. 

Do ferrets need a bed in the cage?

A ferret will spend most of his life in a cage. However, it does not have to be an awful thing, especially if you take a step to improve his comfort. So yes, a ferret will need a bed and clean beddings in his cage. 

To encourage your ferret to sleep in his bed, you must make it as cozy as possible. Below, I am going to outline some of my best materials to use as a ferret bed. 


When I brought my first ferret home, I was both excited and also new at ferret care. I wanted him to feel at home, even though I am aware that ferrets do not get neurotic. Hammocks worked well and he loved them. 

As I mentioned earlier, ferrets prefer sleeping in warm and dark places. A closed hammock is an excellent choice for a ferret. At the same time, we cannot forget to talk about the weather. I mean, during summer, it can get very hot and uncomfortable in the closed hammock. 

Consider getting two or three hammocks for your ferret. An open hammock will be very useful during summer while a closed one will work during winter. 

Furthermore, a ferret will sleep during the day and night as well. A closed hammock not only provides the much-needed warmth but also the darkness. 

PS: You should place your ferret’s cage in a place with limited natural and night lights. It is especially important if you have a female ferret. Light is known to accelerate the production of adrenal hormones despite spaying your ferret. In simpler terms, it can activate the reproductive hormones and get her in heat.

I have previously talked about ferret reproduction and breeding. 

Blankets for ferrets to sleep 

Alternatively, you can also go old school and use blankets in the place of hammocks. Well, ferrets also love to burrow themselves in clothing and fall asleep. 

You can lay down a blanket and allow the ferret to burrow in there comfortably. Ferrets also love making nests in blankets

Well, as I mentioned earlier, ferrets will sleep where they feel comfortable the most. 

Can I sleep with my ferret? 

While it can be quite tempting to take a nap with your ferret, I do not recommend. Well, ferrets are small and quiet creatures. You can roll over in your sleep and end up hurting him.

I, therefore, suggest than both of you should stick to your respective beds and associate with them in other ways.

Things to remember when preparing a place to sleep for ferrets: 

  1. Your ferret’s sleeping area should be weatherproofed. It should not be near windows or night lights. It should be preferably raised above the ground.
  2. Your ferret’s sleeping should be safe. I suggest you place his cage in an area with low or no traffic at all. This should allow him to sleep soundly without random distractions. You should not let other pets in the household access your ferret’s cage. 
  3. Use litter beddings in hammocks or blankets. To keep it comfortable and warm, I suggest you use ferret litter as beddings. Not only are they cozy but they also absorb odor and any fluids. Use paper-based litter as it is dust-free and quite absorbent.

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