How Can I keep My Ferret Happy? Here Are 6 Ways

ferret showing up from under a teal and pink blanket

Keeping your pet happy becomes a priority from the first day you bring them home. It is important for ferrets, and other pets to feel satisfied and happy in their homes. Neglected ferrets are unhappy in their homes. Well, this article will give you a guide on how to keep a ferret happy.

Caring for your ferret is the primary method of showing your ferret affection. It will make them happy and help them settle in your home faster. However, this is not always the easiest thing to do. You must put some effort to keep your ferret happy.

6 incredible ways to keep your ferret happy

  1. Feed quality food
  2. Keep cages clean
  3. Have the right environment temperature
  4. Have lots of toys
  5. Regular health check-ups
  6. Tasty treats

Ferrets are adorable and very friendly. However, when unhappy, a ferret can be depressed, and other ferrets display signs of aggression. Keeping your fuzzy buddy happy means giving them great care, and providing playtime.

Below, I am going to outline 6 ways to keep your ferret happy all the time.

Feed him quality food

Ferrets need to feed, a lot. They have a very short digestive tract, which means a faster metabolism. For this reason, it is difficult to schedule feeding time for your ferret. Instead, the best way to feed your ferret is by leaving enough food in his bowls.

I must remind you that ferrets are obligate carnivores. You must get quality food for your ferret. Luckily for you, there are commercial ferret foods in the pet store. You can alternatively order quality food online if you cannot access ferret-specific food locally.

His food must contain high protein and fat content. Ensure that his food bowl always has some food. It is unlikely for a ferret to overeat.

Clean up his living environment

You must also clean up after your ferret. This means keeping his cage, beddings and food bowls clean. Scoop clumped litter every day, preferably after your ferret uses the litter box. Also, change the entire litter every week, as you clean his cage.

Cleaning your ferret’s cage should be done precisely. You must remove all the toys, food bowls, beddings and litter boxes from the cage. Take it to the bathroom sink to avoid contaminating your kitchen sink.

Use bucket water mixed with a disinfectant and clean the cage thoroughly. Use a brush to remove the particles in the corners of the cage floor.

At the same time, clean your ferret’s food and water bowls and rinse with clean water. If you are using hammock beddings or blankets, clean them as well. Get rid of the used litter and replace it with a fresh one.

Do not forget to disinfect your ferret’s toys. Ferrets love mouthing and chewing their toys. It is only fair to ensure that they are clean and hygienic.

Keep him in a temperature-controlled room

Ferrets do not do well in hot weather conditions. Their bodies are not enhanced to cool down when it gets hot. Therefore, you might want to be careful especially during summer.

A ferret will do well in temperatures between 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures higher than that will lead to overheating.

Therefore, if you live in hot areas, you must keep him in a temperature-controlled room. You can install air-conditioning for him during the summer.

Also, provide plenty of cool drinking water for your ferret during summer.

At the same time, keep your ferret’s cage away from direct sunlight. Not only would it lead to overheating but it is also harmful to their health. Too much light can reactivate your female ferret’s reproduction hormones, even after spaying her.

Purchase plenty of toys

Ferrets are playful and intelligent. This combination means that without something to keep them occupied, your ferret is going to be bored. And a bored ferret is unhappy and could get destructive.

You should purchase different but exciting toys for your ferret. They enjoy toys such as tubes and tunnels. To challenge him, get a maze toy. You can always unleash a new difficulty level once he figures it out.

Well, having toys does not mean that you should not play with your ferret. It is a way to keep your ferret happy when he is alone in the cage. You can also get other toys to play with outside his cage. Engage in stimulating games with your ferret for a few hours each day.

These games should provide mental and physical stimulation with your ferret needs. For instance, you can get a tug toy. Let him bite on one end and hold the other end. He will want to take it from you and so he will pull.

Alternatively, you can let him chase you around in a ferret-proofed area of the house. It will make him happy and also leave him healthy.

Annual health check-up with your vet

Once again, when you adopt a pet, you are responsible for them. While these small pets are generally healthy, they can be susceptible to illnesses. Therefore, you must take him for the regular health check-up with the vet.

At the same time, if you have adopted a younger ferret, you might need to take him for vaccinations. Your vet will also run several lab tests to make sure that he is in good condition. After all, good health care will prolong your ferret’s life.

Also, do not forget to monitor your ferret’s health at home. If you observe peculiar behavior that may translate as a symptom of an illness, consult your vet.

Older ferrets must be taken to the vet at least twice a year. It is because they might be susceptible to illnesses as compared to the younger ferrets.

Keep tasty treats for your ferret in the house

Ferret treats will serve you well especially when you are training him a trick. It is always a great reinforcement for training habits such as the use of the litter box. Also, you can train him on how to climb stairs or other simple tricks.

Besides, treats are going to initiate bonding between you and your ferret. You can feed him off your hand to get close to him and make him feel happy.

However, you must ensure that these treats are healthy for your ferret. As I mentioned earlier, ferrets feed on foods with high protein and fat content.

You can make homemade ferret treats such as a piece of cooked chicken, turkey or lamb. Also, a cooked egg will make a delicious treat for your furry buddy.

Refrain from offering bananas, vegetables or other fruits to your ferret. His digestive tract will not be able to digest these foods.

In conclusion

To keep your ferret happy, you must care for him well. Also, ensure that your ferret gets to experience human interaction as these are social pets. Play with him, pet him and spend some time caring for him and you will have the happiest pet.

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