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In the sea of cats and dogs, some animals are simply overlooked as potential pets and overshadowed by the cuteness of the ultimate classics. But the tide is slowly turning, and ferrets are becoming more and more popular each day. With their cute little beady eyes, quiet demeanor, and larger-than-life personalities — everyone should consider getting a pet ferret. Keep in mind, though, that to make sure it lives a long and happy life, you’re going to need to learn more about the animal. That’s precisely where our Ferret Care Guide comes in!

Ferret needs and problems

It goes without saying that family is everything. It’s the one thing in life we can truly rely on, and it’s what keeps us grounded and grateful throughout our days. However, a family doesn’t have to include our blood relatives only; for most of us, our pets are rightful family members too. And now more than ever, ferrets are one of the top choices for many households around the U.S.

Whether you’re just thinking about getting a ferret or you already own the animal and need some tips and tricks on how to take care of it, our Ferret Care Guide has got you covered. My son and I have gone the extra mile to relay every lesson we learned throughout years of owning ferrets. As such, you won’t get this amount of detailed info anywhere else online — only here!

Why Ferrets Are Some of the Most Popular Pets in the U.S. Right Now 

But why would you need a specialized guide to keep a ferret as a pet, you may ask? Well, keeping an unconventional animal does come with a few challenges along the way. We’ve taken the time to explain all of them in detail to help you be the best ferret parent possible. But first, let’s tackle the question on everyone’s mind — why own ferrets anyway?

Before getting any pet, no matter if it’s a cat, dog, bird, or rodent, I always encourage people to take a good look at their lives and evaluate their current situation. Most people usually want a pet because they feel like there is something missing from their lives. However, it’s not just about getting a pet that will complete us; we also need to make sure we’ll be able to take care of it properly.

That said, getting a ferret isn’t as straightforward of a journey as picking up a puppy found on the street. There are multiple factors at play here, and we’ve made sure to tackle them all in our Ferret Care Guide. This ebook isn’t just a compilation of various tips and tricks that anyone is able to find online. It actually provides you with a deep insight into:

Ferret Care Guide. [ebook_store_buy ebook_id=”2544″]

ferret care for beginners

This ebook isn’t just a compilation of various tips and tricks that anyone is able to find online. It actually provides you with a deep insight into:

  • how ferret ownership functions 
  • what you have to pay attention to before getting a ferret
  • all of the advantages and disadvantages of owning one
  • how to properly approach ferret care.

Become a Ferret Owner — Here’s How You’ll Benefit From It

You Won’t Have to Worry About Your Pet Getting Lonely.

As you’ll get to see in our Ferret Care Guide, these little animals are rather sociable and can get pretty attached to their owners. In spite of that, there’s no need to worry about them getting lonely.

Unlike dogs, for instance, ferrets aren’t that prone to developing separation anxiety. After all, they don’t even get to sleep in our beds, much like pooches do. They won’t get as used to having a warm human next to them. Besides that, they don’t depend on their humans for food or water. Their cages have them covered for all their basic needs!

Does this mean your ferret won’t miss you during the day? Well, you could say that! These animals sleep for about 20 hours per day. If we were to take a wild guess, we’d say that there purely might not be time for them to miss you too much. 

But despite that sounding a bit cruel, it’s actually a good thing! A lonely mind tends to wander, which may end up getting the animal in some trouble. At least with ferrets, you don’t have to worry about that; they’ll be perfectly comfortable in their cages until you get home. 

Just make sure to get them enough playtime and freedom when you’re at home; it’s not healthy to leave a ferret in the cage all day long. Fortunately, we have plenty of tips on mental stimulation and playtime in our Ferret Care Guide too. You won’t have to scour the Internet for answers on all your burning questions — we’ve got them all here!

Your Schedule Will Remain Unchanged.

And in line with the previous point, you can rest assured that you won’t have to change up your schedule to fit your new pet. Ferrets are, by all accounts, rather independent, as long as you provide them with all the essentials they may need. Don’t worry, though; our Ferret Care Guide has a whole chapter dedicated to housing and how to equip the perfect cage for your little furry friend!

The best part about not having to change up your schedule is that you won’t feel guilty about leaving your ferret alone at home. In comparison to dogs, for instance, ferrets form a healthier attachment to their owners. They can enjoy their own company as long as they have their litter box nearby and food and water. There’s no need to hire ferret-sitters or ask family members to check up on them; they’ll be sleeping the day away for sure and be ready to play as soon as you get home!

There’s No Need to Move — Ferrets Can Live Anywhere, Even in Apartments.

Getting a Saint Bernard does require a backyard; anything less would be deemed a bit inhumane for such a large dog breed. However, when it comes to ferrets, you really don’t have to worry about your living arrangements. Whether you live in a 5th-floor walk-up or a mansion, your furry friend will be a good roommate either way.

Of course, since ferrets do spend a lot of time in their cages (we do warn against leaving them to their own devices outside the cage), their abodes will have to be a bit larger. A studio apartment may not be the ideal option, in that case, as you’ll need space to house the cage. 

Still, when there’s a will, there’s a way; you can always get a multi-level cage, for instance, and let your ferret feel like they live in a castle!

Your Neighbors Won’t Mind the Animal at All.

And on that note, even if you do live in an apartment, you won’t have to worry about any unexpected noises and vocalization that may cause a disturbance in the building. Unlike dogs, who like to howl from time to time into the unknown, ferrets are rather quiet. It’s unlikely you will ever hear any screeching from them or disturbance during the night. 

Still, that doesn’t mean ferrets don’t vocalize at all. When they’re happy and satisfied, they tend to chirp (or dook). If something is wrong, though, they will hiss and screech to point out that they want to be left alone or that they may be injured. 

Either way, these sounds won’t be made unnecessarily. Ferrets don’t have the need to vocalize too much. That should play well with your neighbors — they won’t be bothered by your pet during the day.

You’ll Get Lots of Affection and Joy.

If you’re eager to have a pet that will get excited about seeing you in the morning but still be able to spend most of the day alone, then getting a ferret is your best bet. Sure, dogs are cute and worship their owners. However, ferrets combine independence with loyalty. For busy professionals, they are the perfect pets as they are eager to play and crave attention from their owners — but can spend lots of time by themselves as well.

When you’re with your ferret, be prepared to drop to your knees, as you will spend hours upon hours laughing. The antics of these loveable creatures are well documented on YouTube, so make sure to check a few videos out. And the best part is — since they’re rather small, it’s unlikely they will cause a big mess. Just remember to get lots of toys for them and join in the fun even if you have multiple ferrets. Even when they have company, these animals will still crave their owner’s attention!

Apart from that, consider the fact that ferrets can also be litter-trained and that you can even take them out for 15-minute walks to help them get their daily exercise. Getting your ferret a litter box means you’ll enable it to be even more independent. The training even takes less time than with a cat! 

Finally, unlike some other animals, ferrets do have a longer lifespan. If you take proper care of your furry friend and ensure it leads a happy life, you’re looking at about ten years of pure joy and entertainment!

But…Hold On — I Don’t Know Anything About Ferrets!

And we have come to the part you’re probably most eager to hear about — our Ferret Care Guide.

As you could see, my son Bobby and I have had this huge love for ferrets for years now. And during that time, we have both kept them as pets and bred them. 

It’s safe to say that over the years, we have seen it all — from ferrets that love to steal other pets’ toys to those that actually act as tiny dogs and love cuddling. At the same time, we’ve also experienced challenges that have made us rethink our “ferret parenthood” approaches. We have had to learn from our mistakes too!

That’s why this Ferret Care Guide exists now. Within its pages, you’ll get to read all about ferrets and how to keep one as a pet. We have gone above and beyond to include all the information you may need about the animal — and about each aspect of its life, including basic needs, socialization, health, playtime requirements, and more.

Best of all, we’ve made this guide easy to read for all newbie ferret parents out there and those who are considering these beautiful creatures. It would have been the easiest thing in the world to just regurgitate stuff found in encyclopedias and online. But we didn’t want that.

All of this is what we have learned throughout these years, what we have heard and confirmed through our vets, and what other ferret owners can attest to. Now, all this knowledge is within your grasp!

What Our Ferret Care Guide Is All About

Once you get your hands on our Ferret Care Guide, you’ll open yourself up to a whole new world of ferret knowledge. But what can you expect exactly, and where does the value lie? Well, let us tell you more about the ebook itself!

My son Bobby and I have been keeping ferrets as pets and breeding them for years now. But even in the introduction itself, I do mention that I knew very little about these beautiful animals before getting my gorgeous girl, Lexie.

Lexie is the reason I kept learning more and more about ferrets. I had to investigate their quirks and research all their strengths and weaknesses. This creature was in my care, and it was up to me to make her life not just worthwhile — but utterly happy! 

Suffice to say that my eagerness to learn and my love for animals has paid off. The end result is this no-nonsense ultimate ferret care guide.

What We Cover in Our Ferret Care Guide

We’ve dedicated our whole lives to animals, and ferrets do have a special place in our hearts. That’s why we didn’t want this ebook to just regurgitate stuff you can find online by googling a few keywords. Oh, no — the knowledge we have laid out in this incredible book hasn’t just been researched well. We have actually gone through it all!

When you first get a ferret, it’s easy to get distracted by its cuteness, the ability to snooze the day away, and its personality. But make no mistake, just because ferrets don’t seem as needy as, say, dogs, it doesn’t mean they don’t have any special requirements.

These creatures are wonderfully loyal, lovable, affectionate, and smart. But they also do require regular vet checkups, a nice cozy cage and toys, and both mental and physical stimulation. 

Unfortunately, many owners fail to prepare themselves well for owning ferrets. That’s exactly what our ebook aims to remedy.

Chapters Upon Chapters of Expertise!

In our Ferret Care Guide, you’ll find 14 chapters chock-full of ferret facts, tips, tricks, and advice. We talk about all the joys and hardships you may encounter on your way to becoming a ferret parent. The ebook covers everything you may need to know about these gorgeous creatures, including:

  • Why ferrets are great pets, misconceptions about them, and how to decide if you should own one
  • How to find your perfect match and how much money it will cost you
  • Housing and food — picking the right cage, what to fill it with, which food to feed to your ferrets, and more
  • How to keep your ferret happy and healthy for years to come. We cover ferret health in two very long chapters, sparing no word count on the topic. That way, we know for sure that you have all the information you may need, both about the common issues you may encounter, such as fleas, and all the potential diseases your pet may suffer from.
  • How to build a relationship with your ferret, as well as how to socialize it
  • Behavior and any potential issues you may encounter over the years
  • Ferret playtime — why it’s important, how much of it to introduce to your ferret, and some incredible ideas to try out at home
  • Ferret reproduction. Should you want to breed your ferrets, our ebook lays out the process in detail. With years of breeding experience behind us, we’ll explain why you should or shouldn’t opt for breeding, how the whole process goes from start to finish, and how to find the kits a new home.

And That’s Just a Fraction of the Stuff You’ll Learn About!

As tantalizing as all the above-mentioned information may seem, it’s only the tip of the iceberg! We have included a vast number of tips, tricks and pieces of advice into our ebook, hoping that it will help any and all ferret parents and/or breeders out there. 

But…why pick our ebook, you may ask? Well, it all boils down to the value it offers. You won’t find anything similar out there — and here’s why.

How Valuable Is Our Ferret Care Guide Really?

We know that nobody would want to get a ferret without knowing precisely what they’re getting into. At the same time, we’re also aware of the fact that not everyone has the time to consult dozens upon dozens of resources just to get a clear answer on a single simple question.

That’s why our Ferret Care guide aims to answer all your questions by providing invaluable information every ferret owner should be aware of. But why pick this ebook as your go-to ferret guide? Well, consider the following:

It Has Been Written by Owners for Other Owners.

There are a bunch of guides on dogs, cats, and all other classic pet animals, that’s for sure. Unfortunately, there aren’t that many useful guides on ferrets. 

Besides that, there aren’t that many guides that cover everything you may need to know about this gorgeous animal — not just the care part. Sure, this is a ferret care guide, but we don’t just cover how to tend to the animal’s needs. Our aim is to also help potential owners decide whether this is the route they should take and how to pick the right pet.

But what gives us the authority to claim this is an ultimate guide to ferrets? Well, as long-standing owners and breeders, we rely on our years of experience. What’s more, by keeping these animals for all these years, we have seen it all, both good and the bad. 

The thing is — our expertise is invaluable to people who aren’t in the ferret business, have never even seen these animals, or have just gotten one. They are the ones we have spent months and months pouring over our laptops for and writing down everything we know and have learned over the years about ferrets.

It Won’t Simply Tell You, “Get a Ferret, They’re Great!”

Our intention wasn’t ever to convince anyone to simply get a ferret and hope for the best. These animals deserve a lot of your attention, even though they aren’t as high-maintenance as some other ones. So what kind of people would we be if we were to push you into making such an important decision? That’s right — we wouldn’t be any better than those who buy pets only to get rid of them as soon as it all becomes “tough”!

That’s why our Ferret Care Guide describes how to choose a ferret in detail. And no, we don’t just talk about colors or the genders. We have explained the importance of opting for the right age, as well as the right purchasing option. There are many ways to get ferrets nowadays, but as our ebook explains, all have their pros and cons. 

We truly went the extra mile in our guide to explain it all. The result? We have written an ebook chock-full of valuable information and details that ought to make ferret parenthood a real breeze for you!

It Offers No-Nonsense Socialization Step-By-Step Guides.

Now, if you get a puppy, it’s likely that you won’t have to do too much when it comes to introducing it to your kids. But ferrets are a lot different from cats or dogs, in that they are easily scared.

Because of that, socialization is a huge part of our ebook. In it, we explain how you can introduce both your new ferret to your older one, and to your other pets. Similarly, we made it a point to explain how to introduce ferrets to children. As you’ll soon learn from our Ferret Care Guide, that sort of introduction requires you to be super-careful.

But instead of just going on and on about what you should or shouldn’t do, we tried to make it easier on you by making step-by-step guides. These are detailed enough for you to understand what you should do exactly and what kinds of results to expect after each step.

It Briefs You on Ferret Health and the Dangers You May Encounter Over the Years.

Just like when it comes to our children, we want our pets to get the best care possible and stay healthy until the end of their days. However, to do that, we need an incredible vet that will go the extra mile to help us. What’s more, we as owners have to know about any potential issues we may have to deal with.

Since ferret health is a huge topic, we simply had to write two whole chapters about it and ensure you get as much information as possible. Because of that, apart from going through the most common diseases and issues such as parasites and fleas, we had enough room to actually talk about how to choose a proper vet and all the vaccinations your ferret may need. 

On those pages, we also emphasized the importance of spaying/neutering if you aren’t looking to breed your ferrets. As you will see, this is one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make about your ferret’s health!

It Gives You an Insight Into Ferret Behavior and What You May Be Up Against Each Day.

Now, ferrets may share some behavioral characteristics with dogs and cats (they are all crazy about their playtime, for instance!). Nevertheless, their behavior isn’t so similar that you can simply rely on your previous knowledge about these classic fluff balls.

Luckily for you, we have covered all the quirks and potential behavioral issues in our ebook as well.

What’s incredible about ferrets is that they can have distinct personalities. With our guide, though, you’ll learn how to read their overall body language and recognize if they’re unhappy. Moreover, you’ll get some insight into how to train them through positive reinforcement.

Best of all, we’ve made sure our guide contains information on how to stop unwanted behavior, like nipping and biting. Of course, we explain why it’s often exhibited and what you can do to prevent it in the future too!

Happy Ferret, Happy Home — Putting Theory Into Practice

Imagine this scenario — you’re a new ferret owner, and you make the right call and purchase our Ferret Care Guide. Throughout all those pages, you learn everything there is to know about ferrets. Now, you can easily say you’ve mastered the theory.

But wait…we mentioned a lot of things you may need to get for your ferrets, such as an incredible cage, the best food, and the most exciting toys. That means you’ll have to now hop online and spend hours researching the best products and figuring out which reviews can actually be trusted.

What I have to ask you is…is there an easier way?


Handpicked Recommendations at Your Fingertips

Our Ferret Care Guide is the ultimate resource for both new ferret owners and those who have been dealing with these animals for years. Whether you don’t know something about ferrets, you’ve forgotten all about it, or you have simply never encountered a similar issue — you’ll get the answer here.

But when it comes to stuff you’ll need to buy — you will need some more direct recommendations. And luckily for you, we have tried a bunch of products over the years. Having ferrets who all have distinct personalities does make it easier to stay up to speed with ferret essentials; they keep us at our toes and make us try out new stuff from time to time!

So, once you’re done reading your guide and are fairly confident you’re ready to give ferret parenthood a go, remember to check out our curated product recommendations. These are all the products we have personally tried and tested and what we get for our ferrets too.

It’s incredible what years of ferret keeping can bring you. We’ve spent a lot of time learning about ferrets, all their quirks and habits, and what works and what doesn’t. But what’s even better is that we have also learned how to recognize bad brands and stuff that no ferret should have to use. 

And our little helpers weren’t shy to show their satisfaction or despair whenever we got something right or wrong! In a nutshell, you could say these recommendations are ferret-endorsed. Our animals simply adore them, and it’s safe to say yours will love them too!

The #1 Ferret Care Guide — Available NOW  [ebook_store_buy ebook_id=”2544″]

It took six long months to create our guide, not to mention years upon years of carefully studying ferrets and figuring out everything about their lifestyles. Today, we can proudly say that we are true experts when it comes to these adorable animals.

But experts should help those who haven’t had the opportunity to become ones themselves. So, now, we are giving back to the community!

Our Ferret Care Guide has long been in the making, and it’s finally here for all of you ferret lovers! Whether you already keep ferrets as pets, are considering opting for this animal, or just need all the most critical information in one place — we’ve got you covered. Learn about ferret care, health, and basic needs, as well as how to socialize them the right way and what to do when they become a bit too much to handle. Better still, learn all of that and more from people who have seen it all — and have never given up on these animals!

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